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A February Prayer

Hey Whirlwind Fans, this is simply a prayer I offered on February 26th 2019 because I was feeling moved by the Holy Spirit as a sense of His love flowed through my spirit.

How much more blessed can a people be than to actually feel the loving presence of their God!

So here’s the prayer:

Stars fill the heavens and streak across the night’s sky.

Brilliant and glorious light bathes our world every day in life warming beauty.

Then there’s that first cry of a newborn child

The first tears from a beloved

Laughter at a distance – listening to such delight in those we love.

How wonderful when we hear the shouts of victory from our little ones, joyful and well earned?

And who can forget the Spring of first love, burgeoning, flushed with those requited smiles and thrilling first lusts.

Therein are our Lover’s first touch, first embrace and of course first kiss.

Lord, I joyfully recall the rise and thrill of our first passions spent.

I also rejoice in our warm, safe bed especially on those cold mornings while my beloved sleeps quietly, peacefully at my side.

Then there are the smiles from across the room, knowing, loving, accepting.

I also love the joy which springs forth following the long awaited return of a dear friend.

Then or Lord, there is You and me.

That whisper of Your voice,

Touch of Your Spirit

Your embracing of my soul when I praise Your name,

Trust Your ways

Seek Your face

Jesus… let all glory and joy and laughter and praise and love –

And yes, all those warm smiles smothered in giggles and tickles be poured out unto You my Lord!

To You my Jesus, now and forever amen.

By Steven R. Harrel 2/26/2019