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Making Ready!

For three years now we have been shouting, “Make Ready!”

The Storm is nearly upon us.

If you’ve noticed “This Side of the Whirlwind” the Blog has not been as prolific… then you’ve noticed we’ve been about the Master’s (Jesus’) business.

We have been purchasing land,

storing up supplies.

Making connections with other like-minded Christians who are also preparing for the coming Storm of the Tribulation Period that is coming.

So, sorry to say, expect fewer posts for a season.  We will not have time to Tweet as often either.

Hurry, the time is drawing short.

Israel became a nation again after more than 1800 years in exile and fulfilled at least 7 prophecies.

The Mark of the Beast is already in play if not officially the Mark at this time.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to make ready.

The Great Consummation could begin at any time.

Even if the Great Tribulation of the Great Consummation does not start the 3½ year countdown until 2025… THAT IS NOT MUCH TIME!

The Whirlwind of the Lord is coming!

Are you making ready?

When the Mark commences… it will be to late to prepare.  Your money will be of no use without you receiving the Mark of the Beast.

I know, it sounds silly at times, BUT that is likely the same attitude the European Jews of 1933 felt too.

By 1936 it was too late and most could not escape over the borders to safety.