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A Word from the Lord

December 22nd 2018

As many of you know “This Side of the Whirlwind” is a book of prophecy for this generation of the Body of Christ; nevertheless, it is rare for me to offer a Prophetic Word as I am merely a recipient and not the author of such revelation. Now, it is with great sadness and many tears I offer this Prophecy in the name of the Lord.

Lord, let there be two or three witnesses that Your Word lie not in the purview of men (2nd Corinthian 13:1).

I was in prayer Saturday, December 22nd when I received the following Word from the Lord:

(Beginning of Word from the Lord)

Thus says the LORD God, “The time the Lord spoke about is coming and nearly is!

[The consummation which the Bible says will take place during the ‘Time of the End’ (Daniel 9:27).  This period is commonly – though mistakenly – thought of as the Great Tribulation (This section is my commentary)]

“On that day, says the Lord, the day the Saints need to leave for the wilderness the men and young men of faith will howl for their loss of a familiar existence and accustomed subsistence.”

Thus says the Lord, “Feed the Saints of the Slaughter!”

  • “Their leaders will cause their deaths;”
  • “they will sell their congregations for wealth and comfort;”
  • “they will continue to preach falsely regarding the ‘Time of the End’ and the Coming of the Lord.”
  • “they will not see their shame nor find pity for those they are sending to their destruction,”
  • “they will misguidedly tout their success as evidence of God’s favor:
    1. in their lives
    2. on their ministries
    3. and in their messages and false teachings.”

“Know this, the Lord will not show pity nor protect those who remain in their homes and in their cities in that day, the Crucible of the Lord.”

“The Lord will instead, deliver them and those with them into the hands of their neighbors and their enemies!”

“For the Saints who flee will I feed, ‘you’ the Children of the Slaughter.”

Those who remain will I not feed, let the cut off (the ruined people) of the Lord die, eating each other’s flesh,” so says the Lord.

(Word from the Lord ends)

Recognize – a harsh Word from the Lord is better than no Word from the Lord.

Let us pray with earnest simplicity God’s mercy and grace in our lives.

Let us also pray we find and know peace in the knowledge that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

Additionally, let us also be attentive of God’s timing for these Latter Days.  When the Abomination of Desolation is placed in the Most Holy Place then we, the Saints of God, need to head to the wilderness, forests, deserts or plains and there wait for the Coming of the Lord; for the Coming of the Lord will take place at the end of the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation when Jesus will split the skies and gather the Saints of God to the Marriage Supper of the Lord.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Steven R. Harrel