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How Close is Close?

The Great Consummation is nearly upon us. We are deep into the Latter Days time line, and the end is oh so near! As of 2015, sixty-seven years out of an eighty years or less time line have elapsed. The time line began in 1948 when Israel became a nation and now leaves very little time remaining before the end. With this in mind, how many people do you know and care about who are not yet saved? Every believer needs to get busy!

This Side of the Whirlwind provides readers with the information needed to effectively refute every mistaken End Times doctrine currently available. It may require a little work, but it is very possible. God’s Word interprets itself when every scripture has been considered. Previous generations could live their entire lives without genuinely fearing the coming of the end. This cannot be said for this generation. As faulty End Times doctrines provide false hope, millions of Christians are in danger of losing their salvation. Pre-, Mid-, and Post-tribulation rapture theories, as well as A-Millennialism and Preterism, cannot continue without an effective challenge. Bear in mind, false End Times doctrines are not the only issues that may lead the sinners or saved to hell. After all, not everyone recognizes or accepts Jesus as God or Savior or acknowledges His coming in our lifetimes.

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