Ever endure and never give up!

Eternal Hope

Decades passed entrenched in great, deep abiding hope

In joy of life we danced and sang and loved and drank in life’s inordinate soul

Valiantly I fought to keep the love of life alive

Alas alone my partner drank my strength till hope did die

Yet on I plod, in endless hope to find again that spring

But I had not a partner true to save me when I screamed:

Help, save me, catch me quick for in the mire I sink

For hope long lost can drag one down beneath the hopeful spring.

For abides the endless depth of never ending hope

From fools who plod alone until hope has drowned their soul.

Then from said soul the spring of hope is fed so others stride

Until they feed eternal hope until they too do stride.

By Steven R. Harrel                                        March 28th 2014