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Second half of Christ’s Covenant


The Contract!

How about a question?  What is the 2nd half of Christ’s Covenant?

Here’s the “simple” answer.  The 2nd half of Christ’s Covenant is the Judgment half of Christ’s two-part Contract with humanity for Salvation.  Was that really a simple answer?  You’d have to decide for your self. 🙂

What contract — you might ask?

The two part contract between God and humanity which offers people Salvation.

The first half of the covenant fulfilled God’s decree, The wages of sin equaling death; leastwise, our spiritual death (Romans 6:23).  Jesus died OUR death on the cross so we could live His/our lives with Him eternally.  Our salvation is worth volumes.

Here are the two parts of Christ’s Covenant totaling seven years (Daniel 9:24-27).

  • Here’s a couple Old Testament references Isaiah 61:2; Daniel 9:24-27.
  • The Blessings half = “The Acceptable Year of the Lord”
  • And…
  • The Judgment half = “The Day of Vengeance of our God”

Jesus lived the First Half of the Contract/Covenant during His 3½ years of ministry.

  1. Jesus spent 3½ years fulfilling God’s requirements for salvation; namely (Daniel 9:24-27).  This was a very misunderstood section of scripture until God revealed HIS program for our salvation.
  2. God, through the sacrifice of HIS Son (Jesus, the Lamb of God or God’s sacrifice) established and fulfilled the first half of the blood contract mentioned in Daniel 9:27, “He shall confirm a covenant...
    • This was the first half of the Contract which Jesus fulfilled for us.
    • Through Jesus’ blood offering unto death – Jesus restored the breach between God and Mankind which Adam caused.  Adam’s failure was intended so we could become the Sons and Daughters of God.  It’s okay if you don’t get that yet.
    • THE breach between God and Mankind – created by Adam’s sin – was paid for through Jesus’ death on the cross.  Jesus fulfilled of the first half of the covenant: the Blessings half He mentioned in Luke 4:14-21.
    • When Jesus began His ministry, He acknowledged the commencement of this blood covenant/contract when He confronted his home community in Nazareth and declared Himself the fulfillment of a well-known and noted Messianic prophecy, Isaiah 61:1-2a.
    • Jesus – while in Nazareth – before His family and in His hometown synagogue/church declared the Isaiah 61 prophecy “Part One” fulfilled.
    • What was Part-One?
      • “To proclaim the Acceptable year of the Lord.”
      • To fulfill the Blessings Half of the Covenant of Jesus Christ!
      • Jesus said in verse 21, “Today this Scripture (to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord) is fulfilled in your hearing.”  The crowd was not amused to say the least!
      • If you noticed it or not… Jesus did not finish the next section of scripture which read, “and the Day of Vengeance of our God”; rather, Jesus stopped reading after He stated, “To proclaim the Acceptable Year of the Lord” Isaiah 61:2A.  The reason is simple… Jesus was not going to fulfill the Second Half of the Covenant at that time.
  3. The Second Half or the Curses/Judgment Half of the covenant is yet to be fulfilled.

The Second Half of the Covenant is what most Christians might mistakenly call the Great Tribulation.  This is just a misunderstanding of God’s program for the Great Consummation.

Thus – the Second Half begins with – Isaiah 61:2B&C:

  1. The 2nd half of the Covenant is the Curses or Judgment half and WILL take place during the Great Consummation (or the great completion of Christ’s Covenant) which will also span 3½ years — just like Jesus’ 3½ years of ministry… (What, you thought Jesus’ 3½ years of ministry was just a coincidence?)  Nooooooo, you didn’t!
  2. So, the Great Consummation which will also last 3½ years is not coincidental either.
  3. The big difference between these two halves of the prophecy is the first half took place during Jesus’ ministry as supported by several sections of scripture.  The second half will not take place until “The Time of the End” like Daniel 12:4-9 indicates.
  4. Remember,
    • Prophecy mentions the coming of the Great and Terrible day of the Lord (Joel 2:28-32; Malachi 4:1-6 plus many more).
    • Jesus’ ministry equates to the coming of the Great Day of the Lord.
    • The Great Consummation will represent the Terrible Day of the Lord.
    • Jesus’ ministry equals the Blessings Half or “The Acceptable Year of the Lord.
    • The Great Consummation will bring the Curses Half of the Covenant/Contract or the Terrible Day of the Lord.
  1. The Covenant of Jesus Christ “Part-Two” brings the Great Consummation consisting of:
    • The Great Tribulation spanning 2½ years, bringing the “Hour of Temptation,” a Crucible before the Wrath of God.  Now don’t go thinking Christians will be Raptured before the Hour of Temptation.  If you’re thinking that way check out because someone is misrepresenting God’s Word.  https://thissideofthewhirlwind.wordpress.com/2018/02/02/2799/
    • Following the 2½ years for the Great Tribulation the Wrath of God will follow and span 1 year in order to complete the Curses and Judgment portion of Christ’s Covenant.
  2. So, there you are.  Simple, right?
  3. The two parts of the Covenant explained, everything balanced out:

“Behold, I set before you today a blessing and a curse: the blessing, if you obey the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you today; and The Curse, if you do not obey the commandments of the LORD your God, but turn aside from the way which I command you today.  Deuteronomy 11:26-28.

The blessings half and the Curses half…

To be continued: Well, maybe, I’m not sure, okay, I’ll let you know?  🙂

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