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The following Quotables are from the desk of Steven R. Harrel; the author who is known throughout the known Universe as the most quotable quoter of quotes and quotables known or unknown and you can quote me on that.  Yep! That was dum’.

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It is outside our human nature to truly develop a method for human conflict devoid of anger, vengeance or violence; however, long ago God provided the perfect method for resolving our issues:

Quote 1: Forgiveness, love and mutual understanding are God’s answers to human conflict.

Quote 2: To know the will of God is not necessarily to understand; to see the will of God in action is not necessarily to know, but when you both see and know then there is hope of genuine understanding.

Quote 3: Since it is true, that heaven and the heaven of all heavens cannot contain the Lord, how much less this little heart of mine?  4/5/2013      Steven R. Harrel

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Quote 4: There is enough grief in one person’s life that it is entirely unnecessary to breathe in the woes of our world.  Read God’s Word more than the News and be happy.

Quote 5: An unteachable spirit is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.  (Even though this sounds like a scripture quote it is NOT!  But I like it and it has merit.

This has been a Quotables moment you can carry with you always.

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Well, God bless you and your day anyways. 🙂   Smile and be happy!

Remember, in Jesus there is always hope.  Hey, that’s another quotable.