I selected this poem today because it has been on my mind for several days; I didn’t and don’t have any specific reason.

I do however remember being in such a great mood on the day I wrote “Throbs”. When I read it this morning the poem suggested I was suffering from some crisis of the heart or soul, but (Thank the Lord!) I was not.

I hope you enjoy this poem for it is one I truly enjoyed writing back in 2012 and reading again today.  The Lord bless you one and all!


O God!  Shake my heart, shake my heart,

Tear it loose that there be anguish no more in me.

Seize the moments between each beat, where love can be silenced, where true love can sleep.

Hold it fast, resist each throb, and silence its voice,

that I might not feel the sting of sweet devotion further.

Why can I not stop the desires of this yearning, yearning, yearnings?

So simple it would seem, just to command, “Be silent my heart, obey my demands”.

Yet, O God; shake my heart, strike it dumb, make its silent till my heart is forever deadened.

Kiss me oh tomb, take whatever it may take, lay hold of my inner most, it’s all too late.

Let me find solace in the deadened beats, where love no longer strains, love no longer speaks.

Annulling that presence and desire’s piercing cries,

Forbearing the aching sweet release, forbearing the requited heart that ever bleats.

For this must I do, so when next you are near, and beyond all control, great love it appears.

When I find I am lost, in the depth of your eyes, at the smell of your hair, or the scent of your sighs.

When I can no longer bear, the draw of your voice,

Or rhapsody’s touch from your skin’s turbulent passion’s torch.

So now I despair; from whence I am but lost of all care or all reason.

What more am I to do, what more of me can belong to you?

O God!  Do You not hear?  Shake my heart, shake it hard,

Tear it loose that there be anguish no more in me.

Seize the moments between each beat, so love will be silenced, where true love can sleep.

And there let it sleep, even if it must be the long eternal night,

If there I find peace, be it a place of unending release,

a place where even love cannot reach,

Then grant me such peace, and give me said release.

No love!  Sweet peace!  Released!

By: Steven R. Harrel                                                             3/19/2012