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The Silent Apocalypse Part 5

I do not like writing this next blog!

Even now, I can see all the things the Lord revealed to me when writing “This Side of the Whirlwind” that IS going to happen to too many of our Brothers and Sisters and their little children and their senior loved ones.

I can barely keep the tears from crushing my soul.

I have seen these visions and received Words of Knowledge regarding the coming atrocities.

I am sorry for what I must write next and how it may appear cruel.

The Narrow Gate

The vision opens with too many Christians caught in too many cities all over the world with zero supplies which might have allowed them to flee their cities with some chance of success.

They now (too late to do anything about it) recognize the End Times Preachers were not just hocking Bible stories and scary End of Days tripe.

These genuine Christian Dads and Moms (who didn’t listen) are now trapped in their cities, in their homes, without a backup plan as the new monetary system kicks-in and their world changes from Cash to a fully digital and integrated technology managed through Bio-implanted Microchips.

The major catch: you cannot buy or sell or hold down a job (government or otherwise) or attend government schools K-12 or receive medical attention “WITHOUT” that new Bio-Tech.

The vast majority of these Believers simply thought those fanatical Christians who rejected the Government ID and Financial Micro-Chipping programs were foolishly lost in some antiquated religious belief.  Many foolishly thought… Really! Believing in the “Mark of the Beast…” something written more than 2,000 years ago? Get REAL!  

Whom will you serve?

NOW!  The choice?

Fleeing to who knows where – WITHOUT – supplies or nature-craft skills or weapons for hunting or tools for fishing or even skills to know what plant-life would be – could be – safe to eat!

What Choice Do They Really Have… NOW?

The choices are either fleeing the cities or taking the new Micro-Chipping technology which might be OR IS the infamous Mark of the Beast!

You’ll either be:

Taking “THE MARK” or letting your family starve!

Taking “THE MARK” or losing your job because the Mark is now like receiving the Coronavirus Vaccine or wearing a face-mask… IT IS A MUST!  You will not be able to work without the new tech or enroll your children in school or take your kids to a doctor or keep your senior family members in their assisted living facilities or, or, or, or…..

What choices would you have “right now” if your national currency” suddenly changed to a format you COULD NOT receive; i.e. the Mark of the Beast?

Reject the Mark of the Beast and watch everything you own be ripped from your hands.

Reject the Mark of the Beast and you must turn off your electricity; can’t pay the bill.

Reject the Mark of the Beast and you must park your car… no gas and no way to make your car payment.

Reject the Mark of the Beast and the government is going to want to know how you’re going to take care of YOUR children.

Because if you love your family… you’ll do what is necessary to cloth, feed, educate and provide social surrounding fit for children; AND WHEN YOU CAN’T…?

Reject the Mark of the Beast and CPS will be knocking on your door.

Reject the Mark of the Beast and you will not be able to pay your taxes.


Christian moms and dads who waited too long will either flee to the wilderness, forests, deserts etcetera or they will watch the government remove their children from their homes and IMPLANT their little ones with DAMNATION.

The visions the Lord gave me showed tens of thousands of families torn apart and damned because they could not maintain government standards acceptable to CPS and educational systems.

Debilitated seniors who are no longer protected by their Christian children are forced to receive the Mark of the Beast or be expelled from assisted living facilities.

Children are left unprotected by parents who have no financial means or job prospects because they reject the Mark of the Beast as a viable financial vehicle.

As mentioned in “The Silent Apocalypse Part-4” prisons will not be an option for holding out until Jesus breaks through the skies.

I have seen thousands of men and women cave to the pressures and receive the Mark of the Beast just so they can remain in their homes and care for their children.

However, these great sacrifices which damned their living souls will not prevent the Beast from exacting his hatred of God on your little ones.

Your sacrifice will not be enough! (Taking the Mark)

The Beast (and that supernatural hatred which will mark the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation) will not be satisfied until every citizen is tagged with “HIS Mark.”

We have entered the Judgment phase of God’s Second Half of Christ’s Covenant.

If you do not know what the Second Half of Christ’s Covenant is then you are in a rough place right now.  Get a copy of, “This Side of the Whirlwind, The Coming Apocalypse” and read it until you know – that – you know.

I have seen what the Beast is going to do all over the world to make war with the Saints and OVERCOME them (Daniel 7:15-25; Daniel 12:4-11; Joel 3:9-21; Revelation 11:3-14; Revelation 13:1-8).

We, the Body of Christ must live during the Crucible of Christ’s Covenant.

We must prepare for what is coming!

The Jewish horrors from years before the Holocaust and the Holocaust itself were a “Foreshadowing” of things to come for the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation.

Simply look at the level of hatred and murderous disdain proffered by the European Peoples from the 1930’s and even until today in many places (a supernatural hatred permeated an entire continent in those days).

The sheer evil of those atrocities should be enough to paint the coming Storm of all storms.

Prepare unless you can watch your family, your mother, your children implanted with a financially based government mandated Bio-Implant.  The Mark of the Beast!~

I will not continue with these gory details.

I Watched the Crucible for nearly a year. A period I called, “The Year of Tears”.


God be with us!

God help us remain faithful!  (Revelation 12:11 Emphasis added)

They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimonies

IN THAT they loved their relationship with Jesus more than they loved their lives.

“He that shall endure to the end, the same shall be saved!” (Matthew 24:13)