The Silent Apocalypse

When someone speaks on the Great Tribulation or the Second Coming of Christ the world envisions global unrest, wars, earthquakes in odd and unexpected places, social upheavals, pestilence across the globe, great and far reaching famines and financial collapse on a global scale.  While these are the signs and consequences of God’s Wrath on an unrepentant world these are not the signs for the first apocalypse which must befall Christians before the Wrath of God begins.AoD

Here is an important axiom: those Christians who prepared the most will suffer the least.

Look around you and see your unbelieving, non-Christian friends.  You think you know them today because you know them before the Tribulation of the Great Consummation begins.  Unfortunately, when the Tribulation of the Great Consummation begins the goodness in their hearts will be supernaturally strangled with hatred towards anything Christian and that includes you.  Here is a passage misunderstood  by most.

“And because of the increase of wickedness the love of most will grow cold.” (Matthew 24:12 NIV)

Consider the European nations and peoples before the 1930s and the Holocaust of WWII.  737141Before 1930 the Gentile or non-Jewish families lived within a stone’s throw of Jewish families in every strata of society.

  • Their neighbors were Jewish.
  • The children of Jews and non-Jews alike played together.
  • For many, Jews became part of their families; sometimes for generations.
  • The Jewish girl who handed them bread from the bakery or the Jewish boy who delivered meat from the butcher was often accepted as a member of the community. Jewish neighbors were their friends of the friends of their wives and or children.
  • The workforce whether working in fields or offices worked side by side with their Jewish counterparts.
  • The family doctor was often a person of Jewish descent.
  • The bank which loaned them money for homes or business was often managed by or owned by Jewish families.
  • When Europeans looked around their communities and saw families and friends and acquaintances at work or play they saw Jews living in, around and with the Gentile families from every station in life.

In 1930s Europe, the European Jewish man or woman also looked around their lives and saw their friends and acquaintances and family.  Little did they know they were looking at those individuals who were about to commit genocide against their entire European Jewish race.

If you are wondering how nations could rise with such eager detestation against those who only yesterday were their friends and sometimes family then you need not look further for an answer than prophecy and that fulfilled.

  • Divine prophecy must be, will be fulfilled because God has a program for the entire world which must be
  • Therefore, the buildup to and application of the Holocaust was an event driven by divine appointment in the need to fulfill prophecy; Israel had to be restored and the Holocaust was the mechanism by which Israel and its people would be returned to their Promised Lands.

Writing the phrase, “by divine appointment” sounds horrid does it not?  Regardless of its appeal, the answer remains the same and is true nonetheless.  Nearly 2,600 years ago the Prophet Jeremiah prophesied “Jacob’s Trouble,” a prophecy heralding the return of the Jews as a people and as the nation of Israel.  The prophecy had to be fulfilled and is still in the process of fulfillment today!  Here are a couple of Posts on the subject for your perusal should you be interested and have questions:

  1. This first Post will breaks down the Prophecy and its text from Jeremiah 30:1-24.
  2. This second Post provides a “cursory” look at the lead-up to the Holocaust of Jacob’s Trouble.
  3. Lastly, the Post, “The Christian List Will Look Like?” asks you to compare our current world environment with that of the European Jew before Concentration Camps and genocide killed millions.

Like to Jews of the 1930s and 1940s, Christians today are under attack both from within and without.  Here are a few examples:

To report even a moderate representation of all the attacks taking place on Christianity today it would require a much more extensive list of attacks and related articles.  Suffice it to say, Christianity is under attack even as the European Jew were under attack before WWII.  The question is, are Christians truly aware of why we are under attack and what to do about it?

In the next blog, “The Silent Apocalypse Part 2” we will look into what WILL be coming our way within ten years.

As I wrote earlier in this Post, when people speak on the Great Tribulation or the Second Coming of Christ the world envisions global unrest, wars, earthquakes, social upheaval, pestilence, famines and financial collapse on a global scale.  While these are many of the signs and consequences of God’s Wrath on an unrepentant world they are not the signs for the first and Christian apocalypse; rather, the list above represents many of the signs taking place today and are related to the Second Apocalypse.  Christians will not be here on planet earth during the second apocalypse which will constitute God’s Wrath.

The first apocalypse will fall directly on the Christians and their Christian world.  Christians will be required to leave their cities, and homes and non-Christian family members in order to flee from prosecution, persecution, punishment and death for standing “IN” our Christian faith.  Jesus first, last and forever!

So I say again…

Look around and see those unbelieving, non-Christians you think of as friends today.  As intimated, we think we know them today because we cannot see them as they will become during the Tribulation of the Great Consummation.  During the Tribulation Period unbelievers will be infested by a supernatural hatred through demonic means which will overwhelm the common sense and kindness of the average non-Christian person.  Christians will be reviled even as the European Jews were reviled and hated.

During the time of the Holocaust of WWII, Europeans came to hate the very sight of the Jewish people.

Think about it… someday soon when the Restrainer (Jesus) is taken out of the way (2 Thessalonians 2:6-8) the secular world will come to detest anything and anyone that is Christian.

Christians will be seen as those individuals who have lost their way in antiquated religious practices.  The Christians will be seen as those who are holding back the world’s chance for a coming imminent Utopia.

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Have a blessed day!