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Blessed Be – You in Me!

Blessed be the King of kings who gave me you and gave you me.

The grace of your smile which brings one all my own,

My lips to your nose which makes my heart yearn and glad I’m not alone,

The tingling’s of my heart as your eyes meet mine,

The unction of our souls in communion divine

There you are, my love; in you I am complete.

There you are, my sweet, in you my love replete.

Deep down and beyond where no other could go or see,

Profoundly you abound in the interior of that which makes me, me.

Still, I am part of you, in all the important ways,

And where ever you may look within, you cannot escape my loving, gentle and devoted face.

For I am deep within who you are, as you are ever part of all I become.

How can you not forever but love me even as I in you must love your soul?

In you forever I am, and in me resides you as we walk hand in hand with our Lord,

God in me, in you and we, in Him the Three are more!

I love you for now and forever, your love in deed and we are friends.

I’ll be with you forever and until beyond the end.

My love, my heart, my friend.