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Is Anybody Listening the Series

This is likely one of the most important skills any Christian anywhere can develop: Listening to God’s voice.

Think about it… If you have not been raised around those who actually hear God’s voice

  1. How do you know you are hearing from the Lord?
  2. How do you know it isn’t Satan or some specter?
  3. How do we keep from being deceived?
  4. What do with a Word from THE Creator?
  5. What do we do when the voice is something other than the LORD?
  6. How can we tell the difference?
  7. And then what do we do with that information?

WELL, Whirlwind Fans this is the reason for this series to provide you with answers and a platform to ask questions.  Have a great time reading this series!


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Now you need to get on your knees before the Lord and give Him a shout-out.

Hey Lord!  Got your big Mickey’s on?

Careful, He’s a little sensitive about the size of His ears!

It’s me Lord (your name inserted here) that guy/gal who keeps crying out about blau, blau, blau…  Whatever it is you keep lifting up to the Lord…

Then, when you’re all done praying and it’s time to just spend time with the Big Guy… give Him, the Lord, your best joke!  He likes every joke I’ve ever shared with Him; however, keep it clean because He is Holy and can shoot lightning bolts our His eyes and fingertips; leastwise, that’s what I’ve heard.  (Not really) Then insert your best joke here.  It doesn’t matter that He already knows the punchline.  He’ll think it’s funny just because it was you who shared it with Him.

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