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THE CHART – the Series

When God set me on this journey towards writing a book He first set me to the task of proving a near singular point which is/was:

  1. Jesus returns for the Body of Christ on:
  2. The Day of the Lord
  3. When the Sun, Moon and Stars were darkened
  4. At (THIS) juncture in the proverbial road of GOD’S timeline.

I spent the next three years assembling a Chart with EYE opening ramifications:

So, I’ve already written about this chart and its many implications in previous posts; therefore, what I’m doing now is simply gathering the 5 posts into a series for easy access.

Enjoy and grow in the fear and admonition of the Lord!

Because guess what… the time of the END really is upon us and the saints of God (that’s you and me) will be sorely challenged to remain loyal to Christ; to resist bowing before the Beast or his image and to abstain even unto death if needs be – from taking/receiving the Mark of the Beast!  The Mark is unequivocal damnation once received.

So here are the five Posts/Blogs:

Charting the Day of the Lord (1)


Chart: The Day of the Lord 2


Chart: The Day of the Lord 3


Chart: The Day of the Lord 4


The Chart 5


If you have more questions I’m sure you can find the answers in our book,

Have a blessed day AND GET PREPAREd!