Below is an excerpt from an E-mail I’d received today. While looking over this E-mail it prompted a memory of that day when Americans said, “NO MORE! No more killing defenseless baby seals!”

What happened?  American’s would no longer put up with people clubbing Baby Seals, BUT “somehow” we transitioned from protecting defenseless innocent baby seals to equating OUR OWN unborn children as simple pieces of meat and then we snuff out their lives as if they were nothing?

I’m saying… think about it: if some Spacecraft or Earth Probe discovered microbes on a distant planet wouldn’t the scientific community shout to the heavens, “We’ve discovered with proof positive that there is life in the cosmos other than Earth”.

So, below is the excerpt taken from an ACLJ’s (American Center for Law and Justice) news letter.

Planned Parenthood is on the ropes – reeling. Now an urgent deadline.

The abortion industry slaughters nearly a million unborn children a year – 5 babies killed as you read this email. Planned Parenthood is profiteering from abortion, padding its bottom line by selling aborted babies, and bragging about taking your tax dollars.

This indescribable evil must end. Now.

We’re aggressively engaged in the battle of a lifetime to confirm conservative Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Planned Parenthood fears “abortion . . . is on the line.”

We’ve filed a brief at the Supreme Court to defund Planned Parenthood. Now we’re on the precipice of defunding $60 million of our tax dollars from Planned Parenthood – all of Title X – and our formal public legal comment is due in just two weeks.

Tomorrow, we’re making a critical oral argument in federal appeals court to defeat Big Abortion’s latest attempt to silence pro-life speech. This case could help save lives.

Each of our monumental pro-life legal actions against taxpayer-funded Big Abortion is causing a major drain on our resources.

Have your Tax-Deductible gift DOUBLED in defense of babies today through our July Matching Challenge. $5 becomes $10; $20 becomes $40.

Have Your Gift Doubled Today Before Our Court Deadline.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

(End of Excerpt)

If you disagree with killing our own unborn then maybe you should contribute a little.

If you’ve were once an advocate for the “Pro-Choice” agenda but have now seen the horrors organizations like Planned Parenthood perpetrate on our children then maybe you should contribute a LOT.

If you just have a conscience…

“This Side of the Whirlwind” is not political.

The Lord is returning too soon to waste our time on politics.

Nevertheless, somethings still need our attention and support.

What would Jesus do?

What will you do?

Have a blessed day!