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No New Salvations

You know Jesus said in John 9:4-5:

Jesus said, “I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work. “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

So do you think the Son of God meant it when He said a time was coming when “NO ONE” could work?  What does that even mean?

I so glad you asked! 

A unique element bound to the Great Consummation and He Who Lets is the idea of no new salvations during the Great Tribulation period of the Great Consummation.

During this time frame when Jesus (who is the Restrainer) also known as “He Who Lets” is taken out of the way (taken off the face of the earth spiritually) humanity will no longer have access to that wonderful and amazing saving power of Jesus Christ.

Bear in mind, we are all saved by the blood of Jesus as in, “Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved” and “There is no other name under heaven  whereby we must be saved” and that is the name of Jesus of Nazareth.

Those on earth who are currently saved can retain or maintain their salvation as long as they remain faithful to Christ, enduring the trials of the Tribulation Period either to their/our deaths or until the Rapture of the Body of Christ takes place.

So like the verse says… Jesus is taken out of the way during the Great Consummation and salvation cannot be found through any other name or entity other than Jesus Christ.[1]

The Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation “by design” is a trial by faith designed to separate true Christians from pseudo-Christians or committed Christians from the lukewarm, those who will take the Mark of the Beast or bow before the Beast or his image to save their butts. Unfortunately, sadly, tragically, anyone who does not seek salvation by the time Jesus is taken out of the way will never obtain salvation.

This is a fairly new concept for most Christians and because of that — much of the many Believers are oblivious to God’s program for the End of Days. You should know, Tribulation Saints (Revelation 7:14) are not those individuals who find Jesus after the resurrection and rapture of God’s people; rather, Tribulation Saints are us, those who will be required to live during the Tribulation Portion of the Great Consummation.

It is not part of God’s plan to bring new believers into the Body of Christ while the trials of the Tribulation Period are underway. Those who are currently saved can maintain their salvation by enduring to the end of the Tribulation Period remaining faithful until the Rapture in adherence of Revelation 12:11 . [2] Those Christians who receive the Mark of the Beast or bow down and worship him or his image will irreparably lose their salvation; leastwise, in accordance with Revelation 14:9–12.[3]

An area of scripture that thoroughly confirms what is being forwarded here is Joel 1:1–20, which provides sound support indicating no new salvations will take place during the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation.[4] Bear in mind, as with much of the End Times information, this message had been hidden since before the time of Christ and only recently released through divine revelation.

Salvation comes through Jesus Christ and Him alone. If the spirit of Jesus has been removed from the face of the earth, so too has the availability for salvation (Acts 4:12, 2 Timothy 2:10).

Jesus fulfilled salvation’s requirements through the following four edicts found in Daniel 9:24.  Jesus’ sacrifice was required in order to provide salvation to the world. In essence, Jesus finished the transgression, made an end of sin, reconciled iniquity, and brought in everlasting righteousness (Acts 4:12, Philippians 1:19–21, 1 John 5:6–12, Romans 10:9–13). For a great explanation of Christ’s fulfillment of these edicts check out, “This Side of the Whirlwind, the Coming Apocalypse” pages 90-92.  This section outlines why there is salvation through no other and how it was effected.

Coupled with a confession of the heart is the utterance by the individual’s mouth stating publicly that Jesus is now the Lord and Master of his or her life (Romans 10:9–13). There is no other method of salvation than through the name and power of Jesus Christ.[5]

So, if you have it in your mind/heart to wait until Jesus gathers the Body of Christ until you get serious… IT WILL BE TOOOOOO LATE!

Just like those deceived by the Pre-Tribulation Rapture doctrine who think they don’t need to concern themselves with the Mark of the Beast: IT WAS A LIE.

The Saints of God must go through the Tribulation Portion of the Great Consummation.

By the way, the Tribulation Portion also known as the Great Tribulation IS NOT THE WRATH OF GOD!

Nope, just a required prophetic element in the fulfillment of God’s plan.

Until next time…

Be Bold, Be Strong, Trust the Lord has it all figured out and has your back.

Don’t ever give up or give in to any technology that is financially based and goes in or on your right hand, forehead, back of your leg… who cares where people put it… just don’t take the chance.

We’ll continue from here next time with “No New Salvations 2”.

God bless!