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Real Love IS

Love is real and patient and kind.

When loving we do not envy the object of our love neither do we boast in the love we’ve rendered.

In love we are not arrogant or rude for this diminishes those whom we love.

Loving someone means we do not insist on having our own way but instead attend patiently and without resentment their need.

When we love we do not find joy in harming those we love; neither do we delight in the settling of scores; rather we strive in truth and compassion to understand the needs of those we truly love and care deeply about.

Love puts up with sorrow; love believes the best in those we love; love hopes for the best in all that pertains to the one we love and even endures the struggles required for any true advancement of both the one we love and our relationship with them.

Love never ends!

Love never quits!

Love never fails!

True love is beyond us without help…

Only through a real and personal walk with Jesus Christ, the Son of God can we render love for love.

Christ’s transforming power shapes and forms us so that we might truly love one another.

Humans can only achieve this… “IF” we walk and live in Him form who we were made to emulate.  WE need to be transformed and reworked into His image, Jesus, He who should be our First Love.  Know Jesus if you want to know true love.

Want to know Jesus?  Then click on the link below and give your heart and life to Him who loves you more than any other, Jesus our Savior!