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Here’s my response to this fun little photo and comment early this morning:

The caption read:

Why would god create the devil or even let the devil live ?


Here’s my short answer: 

Satan and the fallen angels were not created by accident; rather, they were intentionally created to fulfill a purpose in the fall of Man and development of humanity.

God created light and darkness; good and evil to serve His purposes and plans for creating His children.

God was not surprised when Adam sinned after being tempted by Eve who was tempted by Satan; rather, God foreknew Adam would sin and allowed Adam to do so…

Purpose being:

So God (Jesus) could give His life in covenant to pay for the sins of humanity and thus provide a portion of humanity with the opportunity to become the sons and daughters of God.

This is a nutshell or elementary understanding for a much broader scope of God’s amazing plan to create eternal and god-like sons and daughters of God.

These are simple and basic elements forwarded in the Bible.

If a person cannot see beyond this simple equation in God’s Word it make sense this same person would ask a question based on such limited understanding of God’s overall plan for us.

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