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Listener Conclusions

Forests/Creek around Alpine, Arizona

If you thought the “Is Anybody Listening” series was difficult to understand in the blogs image how difficult it was to live through. There are several elements we experienced during the process of this living prophetic Word that were too complicated to explain when writing this blog so we left those elements out.  Nevertheless, the story was and is true and mostly complete.  All the significant elements are included.

The greatest confusion realized during the time of this prophecy came from the, “I want you to go up there and look for land on which to buy and live.”

The difficulty with the prophecy primarily revolved around friends and family who, like Pam, jumped to the conclusion the prophecy meant God was telling us to sell our home and move to the Alpine area.  Even as Pam (who lived with me during numerous prophecies fulfilled) repeatedly assumed we were to sell and move somewhere near or in the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest.

YET, such was not the case as you likely learned in “Just Listening: True-Life 34”.

During the fulfillment period of this prophecy, Pam would often accuse, “The prophecy said we need to go up to the Alpine area and look for land to buy and live.” Pam would then over emphasize the phrase about buying land in the prophecy. After all, at the time it was the desire of our hearts to live in such beautiful country.  Nevertheless, having personally received this prophetic Word and received and experienced well over one hundred Words of Knowledge or prophecies during my tenure with the Lord, I knew from experience the emphasis was being placed on the wrong words.  The most significant word in the prophecy was “look” and not the phrase, “buy and live.”  Had we listened to those who had not received the Word of Knowledge but had merely prematurely interpreted the Word from the Lord we would most likely have sold out home and purchased another home near Alpine.  This was not what the prophecy was telling us to do and regardless of whether or not we sold our home in the Tucson area, God had different plans and intended a different outcome.  We (most likely) would not have learned God’s intended lesson; leastwise, I don’t think so.

Alpine Adventure 422


For what it’s worth, people often need time to learn and carefully consider a prophetic Word before we can confidently act or determine with any level of certainty what God is conveying or asking of us during this or other Words of Knowledge. I consider this learning curve one of the primary reasons why God began teaching me to hear His voice and interpret His messages at such a tender age of nine.

By His sufferance, I have heard God’s voice for fifty years and by His mercy and grace I have ‘almost’ never been wrong or mistaken. I say, almost.

I can only attribute my success at hearing God’s voice to God’s amazing patience and abilities.  I deserve zero credit for my astute anything.  To God be the glory.

After all, God spoke through Balaam’s donkey. How is that any different than God speaking through me or someone else? (Numbers 22:21-38)

Remember, God changes not. He spoke to His people during Abraham’s day, Moses’ day, and the years of the prophets and even during Jesus’ and Paul’s lifetimes.  God changes not; therefore, God speaks through His people today.  I just happen to be one of many.  Not my choice to hear God’s voice but it certainly is my privilege.

Steve's 2006 Camping Trip 325


I have very little to do with hearing God’s voice. God speaks and the person listens.  God does the heavy lifting.  After all, God does not speak just because Steven R. Harrel calls out to Him or because I want to hear a Word of Knowledge.  There have been enough times in my life when I would have loved to have had a Word from the Lord and “nothing”.  I have zero control over when something is said or what the message is supposed to mean.  He is God and He decides.  He is the Potter and we are the clay, nothing more.

Back to the Story

For nearly two years my wife and several other family members and friends continued to ask when we were supposed to move; why we had not moved; and why we were not obeying the Lord because we hadn’t moved.

Each of these instances were like a broken record; I could only say, “God told us to go up there to the Alpine area and “LOOK” for land on which to buy and live.  God did not tell us to sell our home or move.  Regardless of what I said they believed they knew better than the prophecy’s receiver what God wanted from us.

At one point we put our house on the market just in case selling our home was the Lord’s intentions.  Even thought the Lord had only told us to look for land we wanted to put our best foot forward and that is all we were going to do.

Eventually, we were seriously challenged to give a reason or reasons for why we did not move.  Oddly, people became very invested in our fulfilling this prophecy.

Regardless of how many times I tried to explain how God phrased the words in the prophecy or how we believed God wanted Pam and I to learn a specific lesson from the prophecy, namely… to turn away from the pine country and the cold environment, THE People, the family and our friends, just could not receive what we were saying, rather many of them were convinced we were disobeyed the Lord or were afraid to step out or move in faith according to God’s “absolute” instructions.

Amazingly, several times our Agnostic neighbor mentioned the prophecy so he could sarcastically poked fun at me and then quip humorously.

I found this hilarious.  My neighbor never wanted to talk “Faith” UNTIL he heard about this prophecy.  Too funny.

Trusting the Lord

So what’s the point? We’ll get to that in the last installment of “Is Anybody Listening” the series titled, “Final Listener Conclusion: True-Life 37”. Until next time…