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Hiking and Listening

Today we are continuing a blog related to “Hearing God’s Voice”.

Too often people claim to have heard God’s voice without EVER receiving a second or third witness or confirmation before they announce the “alleged” Word from the Almighty (Deuteronomy 18:18-21 & 2 Corinthians 13:1).  Hearing God’s voice IS NOT a game and generally carries a Butt-Load of responsibility on the part of the one hearing and conveying God’s message.  First and foremost, it must agree with God’s Word and secondly it must be capable of coming to pass. Flowery prose will not cut it!

This continuation in the blog series, “Is Anybody Listening” represents the second installment of five blog series and presents an  example of what it is or can be to actually hear a Word from our Creator.  I hope you will enjoy this True-Life series.   DSCN1215

The paragraph below is carried over from the blog, “Is Anybody Listening” to promote continuity.

Over the next few weeks and months I watched as something truly changed about Pam’s disposition in the Lord. Only a few months earlier and Pam wouldn’t have been willing to take up stakes and move at a moment’s notice.  Yet today, if the Lord leads, I believe she would willingly leave everything behind and follow the Lord wherever He led.

Then it happened!

For nearly two weeks Pam and I enjoyed the great outdoors as we hiked the forests of Flagstaff, the Mogollon Rim and White Mountains.  We scrambled over the squat hills of Picacho Peak and the rock giants on Mount Lemon just up the mountain and outside of Tucson, Arizona.  Though we enjoyed ourselves immensely, it was not until we trekked over the red rises, copper soil or dusty scrubs of Sedona, Arizona that I finally heard the Lord’s Word of Knowledge and seen the vision for which He (God) sent Pam and me into the wilderness to hear and see.

As I had written before, a vision splayed before me, a map covering all of Arizona was hanging in the sky directly in front of my position. I could see the western portions of New Mexico as I marveled over the vision and then noticed a section highlighted (roughly in the shape of Africa) over the Apache-Sitgreaves National forest.  I distinctly remember reaching up as if to touch the image so I could circle the dominant upper-half of the highlighted area.  That section seemed to stand out to me for some reason.  Then as I was about to comment to Pam about what I was seeing I heard the Lord’s voice within my mind and Spirit saying, “I want you to go up there and look for land on which to buy and live.”

Pam had stopped up ahead. She knew me well enough to know something was up which was likely the Lord speaking to me.  I shared everything I had seen and heard with my best-friend, my wife, Pam.

We continued hiking and discussing what the Lord had shown me until our two week hiking trip was over. What a great adventure we were sharing.  Thank You, Lord!Family2012 133

A Confirmation?:

On Thursday, about a week later on May 21st, we invited our niece Katie, who stayed the night.  She was twelve and liked sleepovers.  The next day when my sister Jackie stopped by to pick Katie up we visited for a short while.  During our varied subjects and conversations I mentioned a year’s supply of general foods and staples we had just purchased in case the End Times were to kick off in the not too distant future.  Little did I know this subject would spark Jackie’s memory of a dream she had only a few days earlier.

Because Jackie’s dream seemed pertinent I asked her to briefly write down her dream so I could compare her dream with the prophetic word I’d received. I did-not tell Jackie any of the details from the Prophetic Word I had received the previous week because I didn’t want to taint her memories from the dream; Sunday, two days later, my sister dropped off the synopsis of her dream.

After marveling at the similarities, between Jackie’s dream and my Word from the Lord I called my sister and asked her to immediately and in greater detail render her dream as accurately as possible. Here is Jackie’s dream to the best of her remembrance, and before she heard or read the prophetic Word the Lord had given me.


A first person report of Jackie’s dream.


Transposed on the 24th of May 2009: (Beginning of Jackie’s dream)

In my (Jackie’s) dream, we were at an indoor gathering sitting at a long table covered in a white tablecloth with Pam on one side of the table and me on the other and we were talking. Jesse and Steve were also at the gathering standing a few feet over and to the right of me and behind and to the left of Pam.  Pam said, “Boy it sure has been a while since we’ve seen each other”.

Then I said, “That’s the reason I moved to Tucson so I could be close to you and Steve.” Then I said, “We don’t see much of each other because of our busy schedules.”


Pam said, “I know.”

I said, “I sure wish we could spend more time together because I sure miss you both.”

Pam said, “now that the kids are grown, there may be some changes. As you know, Steve’s been doing a study on the end times for a while and I have been studying with him.  And now that the kids are grown-up and Aaron and Stephanie are moving to Colorado, Steve and I feel God is leading us to sell the house and buy some land.  We have made and offer for some land somewhere around Snowflake, You know at one time Steve was interested in Forestry and he would like to work the land and prepare a place for the family because the end times are coming and we are seeing the prophecies being fulfilled even now.

In the dream I got upset and said, “I don’t want you guys to move that’s the reason I moved to Tucson to be with you guys. I don’t want you guys to move.”

Pam turned in her seat while saying to me, “Now sis”.

Steve came over at this time and was standing with something in his right hand when he said, “Pam, I thought we weren’t going to discuss this with the family until we know for sure how the Lord is leading us.”

Pam then said, “I know, I was just letting her know that we were thinking about selling the house and buying some land.”

Steve and Pam started bickering a little bit. Something was said about being in the mountains.

After hearing Steve and Pam argue for a bit, I wasn’t upset any longer.

(End Of Dream)

This dream took place before Jackie, Pam or I knew anything about the Word from the Lord I received in Sedona, Arizona. We did not have previous plans to move either into a forested or wilderness area or anyplace else at that time.

Steve's 2006 Camping Trip 244

Steve’s Sealed prophecy:

I wrote these exact words in a short letter and then sealed the letter in anticipation of God providing a confirmation for the Sedona Word of Knowledge/prophecy. I had not at that time received a confirmation from the Lord or discussed the vision or Word of Knowledge with anyone except Pam.  The letter was sealed in an envelop and then Pam and I dated and signed the envelop with our names across the seal.

Letter begins:

Maybe a word from the Lord? I said maybe a Word because I wasn’t sure.

I’ve placed this in a sealed envelope until I receive a conformation.

During the two-week hiking trip the Lord sent us on, I believe the Lord showed me an Africa shaped section on a map and told me to start checking for out-of-the-way property to purchase and live on in the near future. I got the distinct impression I was supposed to look for the land in the Blue-Range primitive area= (BRPA), middle Arizona and maybe even some of Northern Arizona.

[Upon praying about and thinking about this Word I thought I might need to look on the outskirts of the BRPA and North of the BRPA because the BRPA is government land and most likely I couldn’t actually buy land within the BRPA itself.]

(This latter part was added to the letter prior to Jackie’s dream because after sealing the letter I felt it belonged in the letter, but I didn’t want to actually open the envelope.)

Sealed on: May 8, 2009

This new more detailed version is what Pam and I read before opening the envelope:

Pam and I read both Jackie’s dream and the prophetic word in the sealed envelope. We were both impressed by the string of events and the implication of it all; however, we both felt and agreed it wasn’t a strong enough confirmation to move on and therefore decided we needed at least one more solid confirmation before calling this Word… a Word from God.  Doesn’t feel fully verified.

Right now, we are in the middle of a complex prophecy.  Pam and I were not sure about the prophecy’s validity until several additional elements of the prophecy came together.  Sometimes God sews a great canvas and sometimes a minimal image; Either way, Pam and I call this prophecy/Word of Knowledge the: “Go up there and look for land on which to buy and live,” prophecy.  There is still much to reveal in the confirmation of this prophecy.  Hang in there Whirlwind Fans as we present evidence of God’s hand in this prophecy so you cann determine for yourself if we received a Word from the Lord!

Be bold, be strong, for the Lord thy God is with thee — the music plays fast and spunky.  Hey, do people still say spunky?  Do you still say spunky?

Well, don’t get spunky about it, I’m going to keep on using that groovy word.  Way cool!  You can use it too if you like. 🙂

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