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I went searching for a message worth repeating and found this one. Enjoy!

Is Anybody Listening!

In the spring of 2009 the Lord spoke once again instructing my wife Pam and I to prepare for a wilderness journey of two weeks. A hiking trip, yippee! I love hiking.  Eventually, the journey led us to Sedona, Arizona, the land of the red hills.


Most often, when Christians speak of a wilderness journey they are generally referring to a period in the Believer’s life where God uses life to bring that individual through an important life-lesson relative to their walk with God: faith, finances, marriage, patience, faithfulness, longsuffering, prayer-life etc.

This time, such was not the case. Fun, fun, fun… God instructed me to take Pam and literally head out and into the wilderness where He said He would give us a Word for/about our future.  Fortunately, Pam was able to get the time off work for the coming two-week excursion.  As is God’s way, He arranged the time and provided the financial resources for the entire trip.  God is so cool!


Sedona, Bell Rock

Interestingly, I did not have a clue what the Word was going to be about. For some time now I had felt the Lord speaking into my spirit and saying, “It’s Coming.” During the previous 12 to 14 months I had heard the Lord say on several occasions “It’s Coming.”  I had no idea what the Word meant at the time.  A story for another blog:)

Family2012 015So, what I am about to do is show you how God laid a foundation for a coming prophecy. A series of witnesses and confirmations which changed our lives, confirmed God’s Word and gave Pam and I direction.  This did not however fulfill the “It’s Coming” prophecy I had been hearing for months.

Laying The Foundation

During the second week of April:

For years Pam has loved living in Tucson surrounded by family and friends; then out of the blue that April day Pam says, “I think I’d be okay with moving out of Tucson now.” Previously, Pam had made it clear on numerous occasions she did not want to move out of Tucson; especially, not until our parents left this mortal-coil and joined the Lord.

Truly, I was shocked!

Key Word – Snowflake

In the third week of April 2009, Pam sat on the phone with her friend Kim. Kim and her husband recently moved from Arizona to northern Idaho and were enjoying the dramatic differences in climate.  During their extended conversation Kim shared with Pam how beautiful and similar a group of snowflakes looked as they silently melted on her car’s windshield.  A few days later they spoke again and Kim once again marveled at how distinctly dissimilar and yet beautiful another group of snowflakes were as they melted on her car’s windshield.  Though seemingly insignificant Pam felt their conversation regarding the snowflakes had to possess some type of spiritual significance.  This was not a normal assumption for Pam.  If anything, Pam has been consistently skeptical about anything spiritual, feelings or otherwise.

Pam was so impacted by their conversation that she actually mentioned their dialogue about the snowflakes and how Kim had gone on about the snowflakes on her car. As usual, when something appears spiritually significant but we cannot put a finger on it, we place the subject on the proverbial back burner and wait on the Lord.  We’ll touch on the fulfillment of this prophetic Word in the next blog.


Three weeks later during our hiking excursion I received a Word of Knowledge just as the Lord had said. Unfortunately, if the Word of Knowledge was wrong and we handled it incorrectly this prophetic Word could upset family and friends.  For this reason, Pam and I agreed that we should keep it quiet until the Lord had confirmed His Word on no less than two occasions.  I said to Pam, “Sweetheart, I don’t think we should tell anyone in the family about this Word until it has been confirmed or proven wrong. Let’s just keep it to ourselves for now. Okay?”  She agreed whole-heartedly.  There were also the instructions God had given me previously about remaining in Tucson and in our current home until the Lord Himself instructed us otherwise.  For that, I requested at least three confirmations from the Lord.


Standing on Picacho Peak

We began our two-week hiking trip during the last few days of April. Somewhere during the first week, Pam and I were hiking Picacho Peak, a small but interesting mountain positioned between Tucson and Phoenix Arizona.  As we steadily climbed up the mountain I felt compelled to ask Pam the following question, “Babe, let me ask you this question, are you willing to serve the Lord with all your life?  To do whatever He asks of you?”

Pam paused and thought for a few minutes about the significance of the question and then said, “Yes.” Several weeks later, Pam told me she felt this was a significant moment in her life.  Pam told me she felt the Lord heard her commitment and believed it wasn’t just a casual moment in time.  Pam also said she believes God met her at that place on the mountain in her walk with Him and accepted her genuine commitment.

Over the next few weeks and months I watched as something truly changed about Pam’s disposition in the Lord. Only a few months earlier and Pam wouldn’t have been willing to take up stakes and move at a moment’s notice.  Yet today, if the Lord leads, I believe she would willingly leave everything behind and follow the Lord wherever He led.

Then it happened!

We will continue from here in the next blog. Don’t touch that dial!

You will want to tune in next time as the Lord points to a virtual map in a vision and then says, “I want you to go up there and look for land on which to buy and live.”

This seemingly simple Word from the Lord has been challenging.  I’ll tell you more next time when you tune in to “This Side of the Whirlwind, wind, wind, wind… dot, dot, dot 🙂

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