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Walking with God?

How is your relationship with the Creator?

Are you in the center of God’s will for your existence/life?

Are you listening to the voice of God as He speaks into your life and directs your comings and goings?

How do we have an actual relationship with the Almighty?

The answer:

  • How do you have a relationship with your Dad, Mother, Brother – Sister or Friend? That is how you have a relationship with God.

A relationship with a parent is rather similar to one with the Lord; simple in principle and delivery: you submit under the authority of God as a little child submits to a parent; naturally. When we are little we know (or should know) Mom or Dad are in charge.  They protect us, feed and clothe us and paddle our little tushies when we need it.  (I know humans are not as perfect or loving as God, but in general, they are the best examples we have here on earth.)

A relationship with God is furthered and formed in the same ways as with a parent or friend but on a grander scale.  (More like a parent than a friend)

In a relationship with God we hold conversations with the Lord, speak as though God is standing right beside us or near us. God does speak to His people, but only on His terms.  It matters if you are pursuing a relationship or just moving through life and thinking about a relationship.  The Lord does not take a backseat to anyone.  I’ve learned this the hard way.

It also helps if we are saved by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ; that carries a big plus in the relationship arena with God. He says in John 15:10, “If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love.” This of course includes accepting Jesus as the Almighty Supreme God, Father and Holy Spirit.  They are One and the same God and yet somehow separate.  It is a God thing.

I move through my relationship with the Lord by literally practicing His presence on a daily basis. You see, the Lord is already there loving you and watching your every move and protecting you as one of His beloved children.  Would you do any less for your favored little girl or boy, of course not!  God loves you and keeps and moves in your life.  God loves you whether you love or reject Him, because He is God.

So, I practice His presence by acknowledging or accepting He (God) is always in my location at all times even as you would recognize and behave accordingly if your parents, siblings or friends were always with you. God is always with us, period.  So I choose to acknowledge He is always with me.  I enjoy talking with Him, trusting He is there to help me, protect me, feed and love me at all times.  Jesus died for my sin before I actually knew Him.  That is pretty amazing!  By practicing His presence it is easier to perceive God’s presence in our lives and recognize He is always there and looking out for our best interest as one of His beloved children, because you are or can be once you are saved through Jesus Christ.  Eventually, every knee will bow and tongue confess Jesus as Lord.  It is going to happen fairly soon.  The end of the world as we know it will take place sooner than most would want to accept.

We can discuss this more when we answer question two: Are you in the center of God’s will for your existence/life?

Bear in mind, We have an amazing God, which is important to know as we continue through the Beginning of Sorrows – which has already begun.

We’ll need to have more of a great and dynamic relationship with the Creator as we head into the Great Consummation and the separation process (known as the Tribulation Period) during which we must endure great stress and trouble.  This too is just around the proverbial corner.  But, we can trust the Lord!

Well, until next time, God bless and have a beautiful day in Christ’s presence. 🙂

Your brother in Christ,

Steven R. Harrel

By the way, to learn more about the Great Consummation and the coming storm check out this amazing book of prophecy and fulfillment: This Side of the Whirlwind!




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