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It’s my Birthday and I love Friday the 13th. Oooooooh!  Scary:)

Fifty-nine years ago a seer prophesied a son would be born twelve months later. One year later I was born – Wednesday the 13th.  Hum… Doesn’t have that same level of spookiness as Friday the 13th, does it? Oh well, Ooooh, I was born on Wednesday the 13th!

Hey doesn’t Friday the 13th ominously suggest and border on the Evilness of Saturday the 14th.   After all, you can’t have Friday the 13th without Saturday the 14th following which means Saturday the 14th could actually be scarier and more malevolent? What do you think… should this require some deep thought?

Like Arsenio Hall said, “Things that makes you go – Hum!

Okay then, (oooooh!) because I was born on Friday the 13th (not really it was a Wednesday, but play along for the spookiness of it all, thanks) the world must obey my every command on the 13th of Friday (oooooh!) and only Friday the 13th (oooooh!). I command you, everyone the world over (oooooh!) to purchase my book (oooooh!) “This Side of the Whirlwind” (oooooh!) E-book version $5.00 or Soft-cover text-book style $38.95 (look for better deals on http://www.Amazon.com or http://www.BarnesandNobles.com (oooooh!) but don’t tell anyone else)!

Because I am LORD of the 13th of Friday… Oh wait, that Saturday the 14th.

Wow, I kind of scared myself!

That’s what you get for eating pickled Barn-Owl eggs and Mustard-Gas on Thursday the 12th of May (oooooh!). Because you can’t have Friday the 13th without (cue the spooky music) Thursday the 12th — ooooooooooooooh!

Go and buy the boooook, This Side of the Whirrrrrlwinnnnd. Go buy the book…

Silly – I know, but it is my Birthday coming up again and I can be silly — even at 59 years OLD; now that is scary) even if my wife covers her eyes while I’m being so ridiculous.

Smile-it’s my birthday even if it is on Mother’s Day this year.

Now how scary can that be if it’s on Mother’s Day, right.

Hi mom, Happy Mother’s Day!

Love you, too!

Have a fun day Whirlwind Fans 🙂 !!!


BTW: if you really want to know scary, then read my book, “This Side of the

Whirlwind” to someone who doesn’t know Jesus as Lord and Savior OR who isn’t sure.

That will scare just about anyone unless they are not too bright! 🙂

The non-fiction End of Days Thriller!