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Tribulation Saints?

Who are the Tribulation Saints?

What are the Tribulation Saints?


Before we talk about the different perceptions behind the Tribulation Saints concepts… Each of you should first know the REAL danger in misunderstanding the truth behind this important distinction, i.e. “Tribulation Saint”.

Some End-Times doctrines advance the mistaken proposition of a SECOND CHANCE after the Resurrection of the Saints or Rapture; these are those individuals who are mistakenly called the “Tribulation Saints.” This post will confirm how they are in error.

These individuals (those thought to be Left-Behind) are erroneously believed to have heard the Gospel message before the Rapture — but for varied reasons were unable to commit to Christ because they were not sure of the Gospels veracity or the absolute truth of God’s Word.

Such erroneous and dangerous teachings promote a dangerous sense of false-hope.

Sadly, these mistaken individuals will have bet their eternal lives on a lie!


Some individuals are even (okay, I’m going to use this non-PC word) “STUPID” enough to think they can just wait until the Rapture has taken place and THEN commit their lives to Christ AFTER Jesus has proven Himself real via the resurrection of millions of Christians all over the earth. Nope, that will not work either!

The Tribulation Saints are also thought to be those Pseudo-Christians who were not fully committed to Christ before the Rapture and NOW, after the Body of Christ has taken to the skies with Christ, they “The Tribulation Saints” NOW see the LIGHT; again, these are THE “Left-Behind or Tribulation Saints” and these Tribulation Saints will now accept that second chance for repentance, get saved, suffer through the Wrath of God and in some wise earn some of their redemption AND of course the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ!

Well, that’s the image the “Left-Behind” series and Pre-Tribulation Rapture proponents perpetrate on an untrained Christian world. I know… we (Christians) are supposed to be well trained!  After all, the Bible commands each one of us to: Study to show ourselves approved unto God, workmen who need not be ashamed; Christians educated enough in God’s Word so we can know how to rightly divide the words of truth (2 Timothy 2:15)… or at least see the lies thrown our way.  But – nope!  Lazy, lazy Christians. L  Hosea 4:6 says some of God’s people will be destroyed for their lack of knowledge; what’s worse, it intimates their children will also suffer destruction for their (the parent’s) lack of knowledge.

I hope your parents were paying attention in Sunday School; mine were not!

The PRE-Tribulation Rapture teachings are sooooooo appealing to most that people simply accept the lies because then it assuages their real fears (somewhat at least).

According to the FALSE teachings of the well known Pre-Tribulation Rapture, Mid and Post Tribulation Rapture doctrines the Tribulation Saints are those individuals who find a relationship with God through Jesus as Lord and Savior AFTER, that right AFTER the Rapture of the Saints has taken place (of course this is relative to when each End Times doctrine teaches the Rapture/Resurrection will actually take place).

Not going to waste my time or yours on explaining these teachings any further when these doctrines have been proven absolutely WRONG!

Here’s the good news: Each of those positions (Pre, Mid and Post Tribulation teachings along with Preterism and A-Millennialism) have been proven utterly in error.

So completely have these teachings been invalidated that hardly a single proponent has challenged “This Side of the Whirlwind” for fear of looking foolish (leastwise we assume this from their silence).

That’s right… You’ve heard it hear: Pre, Mid and Post Tribulation teachings along with Preterism and A-Millennialism have been UTTERLY decimated, undone and even discombobulated if that word works for you.

If you haven’t done it already take the time for one good read through the Great Consummation message found in, “This Side of the Whirlwind, The Coming Apocalypse.”

God’s message so categorically dispels any and all previous End Times teachings and their objections to previously accepted doctrines which were once the pillars of their teaching End-Times communities.  Having collapsed under the pressure of “This Side of the Whirlwind’s” Teachings most of these scholars simply remain silent.

Who are the Tribulation Saints?

You and I are the Tribulation Saints.

We are that generation who will go through the Great Tribulation of the Great Consummation in order to fulfill prophecy in accordance with the second half of Christ’s Covenant.

The Great Tribulation is a 2½ year time of trial designed to separate True-Christians from the Pseudo-Christians or Lukewarm Christians before the Rapture and subsequent Judgment which is coming.

At the end of the Great Consummation’s 2½ years of trouble (the Tribulation Period) – the Body of Christ, those alive and who remain to the coming of the Lord Jesus, will be Raptured; those who died before the Rapture will be resurrected and we (all Christians that is) will be gathered to meet Jesus in the skies over the earth at the of the Tribulation section of the Great Consummation.

The Great Consummation will span 3½ years in total with the Tribulation Period starting at or taking place during the first 2½ of the Great Consummation.

The Rapture will take place at the end of the Tribulation Period and right before the Wrath of God begins, because we are not appointed unto wrath, that’s right.

Jesus will take the Body of Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb for one year as the Earth suffers the one year Wrath of God ( the Year of Recompense). I am so glad I’m not going to be here on earth at that time.

So, once again, the Tribulation Saints are those of us who are alive today and who will be going through the soon coming Great Consummation and completion of God’s plan for the Covenant of Jesus Christ.

The giant area of proof which has dispelled so many of the previous End of Days teachings can be found in chapter 7 of “This Side of the Whirlwind, the Coming Apocalypse.”  Read the two sections in chapter 7 titled, “Daniel’s People of the Prince” pages 75-77 and “He Shall Confirm a Covenant” on pages 77-86.

This chapter will change you life if you have believed the false doctrines mentioned in this post.

Well, I hope I’ve covered enough of everything pertinent.

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