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True Reflections?

The true character of a person is all too often reflected in their speech or writings; the way they carry themselves in difficult situations. We more often than not present who and what we really are the majority of the time.

We, and appropriately so, judge individuals by their spelling, grammar, word choices and of course by the methods of our delivery in each; whether angry and controlled or uncontrolled.

This is not a bad thing or about “Judge not lest you be judged;” rather, this is generally a true reflection we carelessly create.

Don’t whine if you don’t like YOUR reflection when you are carelessly reflecting someone utterly unattractive, or socially unacceptable or devoid of a moral center; rather, change it to represent that person you want to be.

WE have a choice! The words, “I can’t help it” are lies we tell ourselves unless we are somehow mentally diminished.

You are who you reflect, generally speaking.

SO, who are you?

What kind of person are you most often presenting to the world?

You know you are presenting the real you — most of the time, right?

Yep, that’s me 330 years ago!

So, who is peeking out from behind your reflection?

For us Christians we are to reflect Christ and His love, His mercy and His forgiveness.

Then we are to yield by letting Jesus take care of our root failings.

I know, wonderful, thank You, Lord!

Whom do you reflect? 🙂

What do the words of your mouth say about you?

If you don’t know Jesus as Lord and Savior then all is on you. 😦

If you know Jesus then you know He picks up our sinful slack when we fail; BUT, you can still reflect someone who is not Christ-like.

We need to look at our reflection through the eyes of those who see the genuine “ME”.

Have a great day of reflection!

Jesus loves you no matter our reflection; isn’t that wonderful?



Whom do you reflect?