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 Mistaken for an Angel?

This is actually a blog from August 9th 2016; however, as I was working at my desk today I felt the Lord prompt me to present this story one more time.

I wonder who God is wanting to touch with this “True-Life” story today?

Maybe you. Isn’t it nice how the Lord wants to bless you day?

It felt strange having someone actually believe I was an angel.  Of course, we know just how sinful we are even if the rest of the world seldom sees it.  Still, I know that it is only by the blood of the Lamb my sins are washed white as snow.  Thank you, Lord! 🙂

Okay, on with the “True-Life 23,” Mistaken for an Angel.  I know my wife thought it ridiculous.

We are driving through the great state of Texas selling/giving away Bowling and Golf scorecards when we pull our motorhome into a well-developed roadside rest area. Pam and I commented on how nice we thought it was for the state of Texas to provide a few free spaces for motorhome travelers to hookup off of I40.  We were told we could stay for either a few hours or even a couple of days.  So, because we were tired, we did.  Thank you Texas!

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Off to Amarillo I go in search of Bowling Alleys and Golf courses. I walk into my first Bowling Alley that morning and find a gentleman bowling with “Jesus is Lord” emblazoned across the back of his bowling shirt.  This broad-shouldered gentleman was a sparkling billboard for Jesus!  His name was Curtis, and he was a regular to the local lanes where he sought his fame and fortune as a professional bowler.

I approached Curtis with the kind of alacrity one should only present to a familiar friend or brother, brother in Christ that is. I opened the conversation by shaking his hand, slapping him on the back and saying, “Praise the Lord, I love your shirt! It sure is good to see a fellow Christian on the lanes!”

Undaunted, Curtis stood up and placed me in huge bear-hug with a similar level of enthusiasm and then invited me to sit a spell and chew the fat (that’s an old-timer’s way of saying ‘take a seat and let’s have a chat’).

After chewing the fat with Curtis for only a few minutes, the Lord began to give me a lengthy Word of Knowledge specifically for Curtis and his family. For privacy sake Curtis and I went out to his truck where we sat and talked for more than an hour.  The Lord revealed numerous private and personal elements related to Curtis’ and his family’s life.  God even provided several answers before Curtis could present questions he had been praying about for some time.  These were questions Curtis and his wife Lonnie had been praying about collectively for a season.

When we were about done praying and talking I told Curtis that Pam and I would be heading through Hereford, Texas, where he currently lived with his family. He skeptically invited Pam, the kids and I to stay with them for a few days should we actually head down our intended southerly route through the huge state of Texas; curiously, what I did not know at that time was that Curtis didn’t truly believe he would ever see me again.

Several days later Pam and I arrived with the kids in Hereford, Texas. I’ll never forget the incredulous look on Curtis’ face when we pulled up at the curb in front of his home.

Curtis looked so surprised. He excitedly began to share how he didn’t believe I’d ever show up.  He said he was sure I had been an angel because of all the things the Lord had revealed about his life and the lives of his family.  He said he didn’t know God actually spoke through people as he and I spoke the other day; information only God could have known.

Isn’t God glorious?  Yes!

The Beyond

That 4th of July weekend we stayed with Curtis and Lonnie for several days.  The Lord did another miracle that weekend as He musically opened the door for Pam and me to minister at the 4th of July celebration ceremonies held as a citywide event and gathering for all the churches in the Hereford area.  It was a wonderful blessing for both our family and Hereford, Texas.  Thank you Lord!

People remember how you made them feel long after they’ve forgotten what you’ve said.

God is good in every way and at all times!

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