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My niece posted this on FB:

Who feels me on this J

Being the older sibling you watch the

evolution of how your parents

strictness just fades away

when it comes to your



I responded with:

Steven Harrel Like the kids, the parents grow too.

Learning to correct our mistakes.
I imagine all kids with multiple siblings and their

parents go through this process. 🙂 Unk.


She came back with:

Zakia Harrel True true


And I ended with this response:

Steven Harrel Hi sweety. You’ll be amazed just how wise

your parents were as you come of age at the different stages of life.

At age 18 our parents are idiots!

At 28 we start to see where they were coming from.

At 38, we’re acting just like they did but now we’re ignoring our NOW much older parents advise. Dumb, I know.

At 48 we know for sure that we wished we had listened when we were younger and then at,

58 we start to understand why we were so dumb at each stage of life.

At 68 we start acting like kids again because we just figured out which age group had it made. Ha!