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When it is Too Late


What can someone possibly say to friends or family-member who has taken the Mark? Such individuals (previously saved or not) will have now lost any connection to the free gift of salvation![1] Most will believe they have maintained their righteous standing in God, even as they continue going to a local church filled with like-minded fallen believers. However, by this point in the Great Consummation, every federally authorized church will likely expel resistant Christians who refuse to receive the Mark. It is also likely church headship will report errant believers to authorities. Any church previously accepting Non-compliant believers will be forced to close their doors by local or federal government mandates.[2]

As the Mark shifts from an optional product as it is today, to a mandatory government requirement, the tone will significantly change regarding Christians and their resistant Christian communities. True Christians must staunchly reject the government mandate for the Mark. Receiving the Mark is receiving damnation.

True Christians will be considered enemies of the state, terrorists, and criminals. Both federal and local government broadcasts have already begun to paint true Christians as religious fanatics. Christian messages related to the Mark of the Beast tech will be rejected as antiquated and backwards in its way of thinking.

In the United States of America, Homeland Security (HLS) has already labeled Christians who associate themselves with the Latter Days or End Times messages or issues as extremists and or terrorists. Government warnings will name many Christian leaders and televangelists as extremists, claiming each a perpetrator of hate crimes. HLS assertions will likely carry more weight once the Mark has been instituted and forcefully rejected by Christian communities.

Christians and Christian leaders who surrender to the Mark will be applauded as forward thinkers. Such conversions will eventually be televised, presenting blurbs such as, “See, there is no danger,” and reporting how these Christian leaders have seen the light and are now openly embracing the new technology. Testimonials of such Christians will abound, declaring everything is fine, including each individual’s walk with God.

The Technologies for the Mark of the Beast

The technologies necessary for globally tagging every man, woman, and child is available today. With current tech it is possible to track and monitor every individual’s transactions and movements. Certain aspects of this technology are currently employed for large herds of livestock or small groups of farm animals. Owners with expensive show or race animals are also utilizing parallel technologies. Analogous technologies can be put into place today for the Mark. Individuals are being implanted with microchips, e-tattoos, or bio-implants with NFC capabilities and potentially traceable via satellite and GPS over vast areas. Through tracking and monitoring capabilities, the potential to effect and manipulate individuals within any population is significant.

Technology Approved


Amazing advances are taking place in technologies every day. United States FDA approval was granted in 2004 for the VeriChip’s human-implantable radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip. The VeriChip is simply one more piece of traceable technology capable of providing a form of personal identification with the potential for medical and financial record keeping in real time. Though this technology may or may not represent the Mark of the Beast, the capacity for such technology to be modified for such usage is possible today.

The e-tattoo recently in development by Motorola in 2014 is yet another form of technology that could be employed for the Mark of the Beast. The e-tattoo could provide a form of technology with ever-expanding possibilities in a high-speed delivery system. The world is currently awash with such new technologies with too many at our proverbial fingertips capable of providing the requirements necessary for the Mark of the Beast.

The potential for implantable devices strains the imagination. Implantable technologies, wetware devices, and other such technologies are on every horizon. The Mark of the Beast is not far off or farfetched, it is here. Our teens and young adults will soon compete for the newest and most desirable implantable, upgradable, space-age bio-phones and chips, e-tattoos, or wetware devices on the market. Be assured, the Mark of the Beast will be among such devices and is merely an upgrade away from wreaking havoc on the human soul. Watch for technologies that are either designed for managing personal finance or can be upgraded to perform similar functions. Satan is subtle and the father of lies. The technology will be marketed obliquely and with great delicacy so none will see the Mark of the Beast coming unless they are keenly watching. The Mark is the most dangerous and insidious piece of technology ever created for damning the human soul. For those who doubt the Mark is here or are simply curious, look on the World-Wide-Web under, “Implants with NFC capabilities” or other similar sites. The Mark of the Beast has arrived even if it you are not aware it is being implemented.

Remaining Prophecies

As mentioned earlier, many of the Latter Days prophecies have appeared to be fulfilled over the centuries. However, only recently, since 1948, have nearly all the major End Times prophecies come to pass collectively in a short period of time. There remain only a few primary prophecies that must be fulfilled before the coming Messiah returns in His glory. Within these primary prophecies still reside many smaller prophetic elements of consequence; for example, within the prophecy of the seven seals, many dozens of small but important factors must take place, such as with the fifth seal: the Body of Christ must be scattered throughout the mountains and wilderness areas of the world. A few primary prophecies can still be significant. The following are several remaining prophecies that must come to pass before the Second Advent is fulfilled:

  1. The Mark of the Beast must be issued by the Image of the Beast (Revelation 13:15-17).
  2. The Rapture must take place (Matthew 24:29).
  3. By the Second Advent, the gospel will need to be preached throughout the world (Matthew 24:14).
  4. The temple in Jerusalem must be rebuilt (Revelation 11:1-4).
  5. The Abomination of Desolation must be placed in the temple in Jerusalem (Mark 13:14).
  6. The Two Witnesses, the Beast, and the False Prophet must complete their functions (Revelation 13).
  7. The Beast and False Prophet must make war with and overcome the Body of Christ (Daniel 7:21-25, 12:4-7).
  8. The Two Witnesses must be killed and resurrected by the time of the seventh angelic trumpet (Revelation 11:7-15).
  9. The seven trumpets and plagues must be released over the sinners of the world (Revelation chapters 8-16).

Considering the prophecies fulfilled since 1948 and the comparatively small number of remaining prophecies yet to be fulfilled before the coming of the Messiah, little time remains. Once the abomination that makes desolate gives its command to issue the Mark of the Beast, prophecies will begin to flow through constant positions of fulfillment. With the earth’s population at approximately 9.5 billion, it will require a great deal of time to implant the majority of the world’s citizenry before the Great Consummation begins—that is, unless the earth’s population is already receiving the Mark of the Beast before the Great Consummation. The system for the Mark must have a portion of the world already being tagged before the Great Consummation begins. Therefore, a percentage of the earth’s population will need to be implanted before the Beast can begin to implement his system. Governments need to begin embedding personal identification implants with medical and financial records and other functions before too much time has yet elapsed.

Be watchful, for the Mark of the Beast will be a device that will be placed either on or in a person’s right hand or arm or somewhere near the head, neck, or forehead. The functions of the Mark will be to regulate individual finance, receive paychecks, and pay individual bills, including the resale or purchase of items previously owned, as well as monitor medical records and provide GPS tracking services. Obviously the device will be required to identify each person and monitor or restrict personal finance. With this in mind, any device, mark, or tattoo that could be placed in, on, or about a person’s body and could possibly be used to restrict or monitor individual finance or trade should be considered off limits to Christians. A device may begin as an exclusive function for medical records or identification purposes; however, if the technology can be upgraded, expanded, or encoded to include financial functions, then the implantable technology should be considered off limits. Why take the chance? The Mark of the Beast represents a primary trial during the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation. A Christian cannot afford to fail this trial under any circumstances! Remember, anyone, everyone, whosoever receives the Mark of the Beast will be eternally damned and will suffer the full and unending wrath of God in all its full and horrible measures![3]

Be warned, the Mark is here!

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[1] Matthew 24:13; Revelation 12:11, 14:9–12; and Hebrews 6:1–6.

[2] Joel 1:1–20.

[3] Revelation 14:9–12.

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