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What is the 70th Week?

The seventieth week is a covenant, a contract between God and humanity.  Daniel 9:24-27 specifies the contract’s guidelines.

God went to a lot of trouble to bring humanity to this point in His mighty agreement.

Think about it.

If God is all knowing and can see the beginning from the end, how in the world could He have blown it so horribly with Adam and Eve? And why would He allow humanity to accidentally fall from innocence?  Did the Creator of heaven and earth just happened to miss that little detail which would change all of creation, practically from the beginning?



And what about Lucifer; God’s number one – star angel, chief musician and most beautiful of all angelic beings; the Devil just happened to go bad and take a third of all the other angels with him? Really, God is that short-sighted?  I don’t think so.

And do you think the Devil just happened to show up in “The Garden of Eden” just at the right/wrong time; a coincidence? Come on!

Oh yes, and then there are the Sabbatical Laws which God required. One year of rest for the lands of Israel every seven years.  Six years of labor and one year of rest.  Should the Israelites fail to obey and give the lands their rest, then the Israelites are required to spend a year thrown off their lands for every Sabbatical year they failed to observe.  Oh yeah, and they just happen to ignore “that” law for 490 years, the exact number of years necessary to require and equal 70 years in captivity for Israel in Babylon.

You may be sensing a bit of sarcasm in my “voice?” It’s true!

Here’s another supposed “co-winkie-dink;” Daniel just happens to receive a visit from the angel Gabriel at the end of Israel’s 70 years in captivity – just so God can reveal – “The Seventy Weeks of Daniel” – requiring 490 years to complete a prophecy which will bring salvation to the entire world?  Leastwise, those who accept Jesus’ blood sacrifice for their personal sin.  Yeah, that’s right, yours, mine and theirs. “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23)  I know, a little pushy today.  Go figure?

Let us not forget: {From the Seventy Weeks of Daniel prophecy} the seven weeks, or 49 years perfectly fulfilled on a miraculous timetable to restore and build Jerusalem, the Temple and the wall all starting with King Cyrus’ commandment just like the prophecy demands.

Walking in Miry Clay aren’t we?

The wall was then completed in 437 BC, beginning the 62 week segment of the Seventy Weeks of Daniel prophecy, which just happens to come to an end in approximately 3 BC at nearly the same timeframe when Jesus was born. Looks like one more co-winkie-dink?

Okay, I know you were going to mention it, so I’ll mention the text in Daniel 9:26 which says, “and after sixty-two weeks shall Messiah be sacrificed (cut off) but not for Himself…” {For you and me}

Let’s remember the word “after” actually means – sometime thereafter – as sometime later; or, “and sometime after the 434 years or sixty-two weeks, which ends at about the same time Jesus will be born allowing for Him to grow up to age thirty and be sacrificed for all humanity.”

Oh yeah, I also just remembered that the {7 weeks plus 62 weeks} 49 years plus the 434 years equals 483 years {or 69 weeks} leaving just one seven year period to complete the covenant/contract.

Then Jesus just coincidentally began to form a “covenant with humanity” which just coincidentally lasted three and a half years and coincidentally brought the blessing half of the covenant to the world and coincidentally left three and a half years for The Great Consummation or judgment half of the contract. Oh, that’s right, three and a half plus three and a half equal one week or seven years of covenant.  Way cool!

And that is just the short list!

What a coincidence, right?

The Seventy Weeks of Daniel is a carefully crafted and sculpted seven-thousand year contract set aside for everyone who chooses to accept Jesus Christ as Lord.

God created the heavens and the earth to adopt you and me as His wonderfully fashioned children; created in God’s image even as we create our children in our own image.

Jesus spent three and a half years teaching and loving and suffering so we could receive the blessings half of His covenant.

Blessings half:  Daniel 9:27a

And He [Jesus] shall confirm [firmly establish] a covenant [contract] with many [not everyone] for one week: [seven years] and in the middle of the week [three and a half years] He [Jesus] shall cause the sacrifice and offering to cease. [Upon Jesus’ death the veil of the Temple was torn in two stopping all sacrifices and offerings for a period.]

This was where the first half of the covenant divided and the judgment half of the contract must begin. (Split Versing)

Judgment half: Daniel 9:27b

And for the overspreading of abominations [because God has allowed sin to reach its peak]

He [Jesus] shall make it desolate,[bring the world to judgment and apocalypse]

even until the consummation, [Until the contract is completed]

and that determined [At the appointed time]

shall be poured upon the desolate. [Judgment will be rendered upon the ruined people]

This is merely a cursory presentation of the many, many elements God has sewn into our world to make us His children. How great is Your love, my God!

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