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Dead in Thirty Minutes

I am ever grateful for the Lord’s intervention at this time in our lives.  If God had not intervened my wife would be dead and my son Aaron would not have been born.

Thank you Lord for mighty presence and mercy in my life: Steven R. Harrel, child of the Living God and Brother to Jesus of Nazareth. Come Lord Jesus come!

Pam 1984Oh yeah, sweet relaxation. The wicker Papasan couch was just getting comfortable when I heard “His” voice.  The Lord said, “Call your mother and father in-law and tell them you need them to come over right away and watch Crystal (our two year old daughter). “As soon as they arrive,” the Lord said, “take Pam to the TMC emergency room (Tucson Medical Center). No matter what she (Pam) says, she must go right away.” I felt an urgency in His voice and message.

What I didn’t know is Pam would be dead in the next thirty minutes!

1984 Papasan

I called Pam’s parents, Bob and Sandy, immediately and told them I needed them to come watch Crystal right away. When they asked what the problem was I told them I had to take Pam to the emergency room at TMC as quickly as possible.  They of course wanted to know why, but I could only tell them I couldn’t really explain at that time.  Sandy must have heard my level of concern and agreed to come as quickly as they could.

I then dashed to the back of the house and told Pam the Lord spoke to me and said to have her get ready to go to the ER as quickly as possible. She protested, of course.  Earlier in the day she had mentioned she had been having some cramps, but nothing out of the ordinary which would warrant the TMC emergency room or any ER for that matter.  After she delivered a few stern protests, I told her she could either take a quick shower and arrive at the ER refreshed and clean or if she would not listen I would just carry her out the front-door as she is. Either way, she was going to TMC as soon as her parents arrived.  She voiced how unhappy she was that her parents had to be involved.Bob and Sandy '84

Bob and Sandy arrived fairly quickly. Sandy agreed to watch Crystal but Bob was insistent about joining Pam and me at TMC, this later became a huge blessing.

We arrived at the ER with very little to justify my concerns; fortunately (as if God hadn’t known) Pam’s Primary Care doctor “happened” to be the doctor running the ER that evening. What were the odds of that? Additionally, every nurse and intern on duty that evening also just “happened” to be a Spirit-filled Christian.  There was one exception however; a Jewish doctor, a seasoned surgeon on staff that night who was not a Christian believer.

After explaining my reason for bringing Pam in, her personal physician agreed to perform a test which would determine if Pam could have some internal bleeding. I remember feeling horrible as her doctor produced a large cylindered syringe sporting a long and painful looking needle.  The doctor needed to insert the needle into an area near her uterus.  He assured us everything was likely okay; however, if there was a problem then there ‘might’ be a little blood in the syringe following the test.  So don’t be alarmed if you see a little blood, he said.

In a moment everything changed. The syringe filled with blood!  The doctor’s countenance changed immediately.  He urgently issued orders to nurses running to do their tasks.  “Prepare a surgical room stat,” he ordered.  He then informed the three of us they would need to get Pam into surgery within the half hour or she would likely be dead!

Before the staff could whisk Pam away she began to calmly comfort her Dad, “Don’t worry Dad, I’m not going to die. The Lord wants me to share more about Him with you.”  Within moments Pam was rushed into surgery.  For the next hour and forty-five minutes Bob and I waited and prayed.  Bob was not accustomed to people saying they actually heard from God.  That is just something crazy people say, right?  Nevertheless, Bob and I talked about Pam and the Lord and healing as we waited and continued to pray.  This seemed like a major changing point in Bob’s life.  Today, Bob is not so unaccustomed to talking about the Lord.  Before ‘that’ day, the subject was not so acceptable.  Thank you, Lord.

Finally someone came through those scary surgical doors. As it happened, it was the Jewish previously non-believing surgeon.  He came through the double doors wagging his head from side to side.  According to him, he had served as a doctor for nearly fifty years.  The seventy year old surgeon told Bob and me he could hardly believe what he’d seen.  He said, “We’d make and incision and the bleeding would just stop.  We’d make another incision and it would happen again.  When we finally reached the blockage (our baby in the fallopian tube) I removed it and began suturing the layers.  As each layer was sutured the blood inexplicable just seemed to automatically resume its saturation of the tissues.  When we were finished stapling the outer surface it was better than a text book surgery.  I’ve never seen anything like it.”  The doctor was obviously amazed.

Pam spent the next several days recovering in the hospital and was eventually released on October 31st, Halloween day of 1985.

Before Pam was released, the doctors said it was very unlikely Pam could get pregnant for at least four to six months. They explained the trauma she endured would likely shock her reproductive system and cause her to be infertile for a short period of time.  Though we didn’t know it at that time, God had different plans.

What would have happened without this one Word of Knowledge?

My sweet Pam would have died, my son Aaron would not have existed, his three children, my grandchildren would not exist.  Wow, God, thanks!

What are the odds Pam’s personal physician would be the doctor on staff at a hospital we had not visited before?

I wonder what happened with the Jewish doctor who was so amazed at Pam’s surgery?

If you have answers to any of these questions: