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Prophetic Signs for Christ’s Imminent Return


Christ’s imminent return is supported by a multitude of prophecies currently in the process of being fulfilled.


The fact one or two prophecies or even six to ten prophecies have taken place in recent years does NOT significantly suggest Christ’s return is imminent or the world is in the Latter Days.


The occurrence of multiple signs or in actuality a swarm of prophetic signs coming to pass on a global level does significantly declare Christ’s return as more than just a minor probability.

More importantly, certain rarified or singularly unique prophetic fulfillments such as Israel reemerging as a nation after greater than 1800 years under specific prophetic guidelines does more than substantiate the SOON coming nature of Christ’s return.

In fact, some of the more recent prophecies are so rarified, when they came to pass to world could not help but notice.

With such unique occurrences the probability of Christ’s return becomes nearly a 100% certainty.

Case in point, according to prophecy — in the Latter Days — Israel will no longer be known as the nation that was rescued from the lands of Egypt but will instead be known as the nation which was returned to its homeland (the Promised Lands of Israel) from the “Country of the North” and from nations spread over the whole of the earth.

The prophetic image of Israel being rescued and returned to the Promised Land required several prophetic elements to be met before the prophecy could be considered truly fulfilled. Here are a few of those requirements taken “solely” from Jeremiah 30:1-9.

Many, but not all prophetic elements are listed.

  1. The Israeli people were required to be in a state of captivity, slaves, and prisoners.
  2. The Israeli people will need to return to the lands that were formerly the lands of their forefathers; in other words, the land of Israel.
  3. Once returned it will be requisite for the Israelites to take possession of the Promised Lands formerly known as Israel. The Israelite cannot simply live in another nation’s lands; Israel must possess the lands.
  4. The Jews will be required to living is a state of fear and trembling and not in a place of peace.
  5. The Jews must be enduring a significant level of suffering, torcher and death.
  6. Israeli suffering must be elevated to such a state as to be considered a time unlike any other period of suffering for the Jews.
  7. When rescued from this terrible state of slavery and suffering the Israelites will need to be rescued from an abject position of bondage to such a point they are “saved” from destruction.


Each of these seven elements has been fulfilled!

There are more prophecies which have been and are being fulfilled every day.

Some of the obvious prophecies can be found in Isaiah 11:10–12, Jeremiah 16:14–15, and Jeremiah 23:7–8, to name just a significant few.

Should you simply consider these prophecies alone – it would be easy to recognize Christ’s return as virtually guaranteed.

If you would like additional information on the prophecies and those fulfilled refer to my book, “This Side of the Whirlwind, The Coming Apocalypse” and read through chapter ten.

As you read through chapter ten, take note as to the number and frequency with which prophetic signs are coming to pass in our world today.

As you have already likely seen, the world is in a constant state of spiritual confusion with nations and religions ever quarreling over Christ’s potential return.

Circumstances suggest additional fulfillments of significant prophecies are at hand.

Let us not forget the technologies and implementation for the “Mark of the Beast” is currently underway and available for the first time in the history of the world.

This one truth alone, the Mark of the Beast currently in existence and being received by individuals, is further evidence of Christ’s return.

If you would like more information on the End-Time and the coming of Jesus Christ then check out: http://www.thissideofthewhirlwind.wordpress.com