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The Lord’s blessings on you.

When things get tough, that is when we grow in faith “IF” we “Stand” in faith trusting that the Lord knows what He is doing.

Like anything of major value, it takes time, effort and practice to develop real truth in the Lord.

Occasionally, we experience a grand presentation of God’s power and glory and for a season we are filled with a super-concentration of faith which never seems to be overcome by the world falling down around us.

However, generally speaking this supercharged faith eventually returns to normal human levels and we are once again challenged in our lives to trust the Lord.

Learning to trust the Lord is growth and often takes time and for those of us who have lived through many “moves” of God where the Lord is shaping and changing us into the men we are to be in Him… [just know, there is a learning curve individuated for us and us alone.]

Be patient, trust the Lord is moving on your behalf and yet for the Kingdom of God at the same time.

Faith: stepping off a cliff and knowing God is there to catch you and set you on your feet again.  God saves us even when we fail in our showdown with faith because He is ever faithful!