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Friendship is divine

Are you chasing the Dream?

“What dream,” you may ask.

That is the question, isn’t it?
What is the “dream” you want to be chasing?

What is the dream you should be chasing?

What dream is truly worth chasing?

Well, as a Christian – living THE DREAM is getting to genuinely know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As you read this blog try and remember the forest for the trees concept?

Well, I began writing this blog several times only to find myself bogged down time and again in the very trees I wanted to warn against: sometimes, life keeps us too busy to keep our eyes firmly on the real prize.

So here goes hopefully the last incarnation of this thought:

Consider, what had to take place so you and your best-friend could become and remain best friends?

The people you know best in your life — you know best because you did what with them?

Obviously, you spent time interacting, communicating, watching and experiencing their lives and they did the same with you and your life.

Think about it… parents who truly know their 17 year old children really know them well because they have spent the time and hours and common efforts staying in touch with one another, remaining in the know with their children. They communicate on a regular basis and experientially know what has and is becoming of their children’s lives; consequently, the children benefit from this same process.  I know, too cool.

Parents who merely see their children and know what their child’s daily comings and goings are may think they know that child well but “in truth” they simply see that child’s habits and schedule, some likes and dislikes. Without genuine face-time and consistent personal interaction and communication with the other person we are deceiving ourselves if we think we truly know that other individual.

The “required personal interaction truth” also colors our relationship with Jesus who is our God and Savior.

How can we know our Savior, Jesus, if we don’t spend time in His presence?

We CAN BE a committed Christian without developing a personal relationship with Jesus; however, doing so makes our Christian walk a difficult and uphill battle rather than a beautiful walk in the park with our Lord.

Somewhere in the lexicon of “Being a Christian” the Body of Christ has missed a critical step required for “Living in the Joy of the Lord.”  And as the scriptures say, “the Joy of the Lord is my strength!”

Once again, consider a truth: runners run and hang-out with runners or like-minded individuals if they want to be successful and happy as a runner.

Fighters fight.

Bowlers bowl.

Drinkers drink.

If you are a Christian and want to live a fully successful Christian life then Christians hang-out with fellow Believers – BUT – more importantly Christian strive to be like Christ; thus the emphasis on “Christ”–ians.  Hanging out with Jesus is the only way to really get to know Him.

Let’s switch gears on our focus.

Jesus, our Lord and Savior was born, lived, died and was resurrected as a human-being.

Even though Jesus is God He is also a person we can come to know, understand and befriend.

Getting saved or finding salvation is merely the birthing of our Christian walk; there is so much more to experience and enjoy as a Christian.

After we are Saved — we grow through learning God’s Word (the Bible) for it is simply learning the language or vocabulary of Jesus our brother and friend.

It is very difficult to become friends with someone if we don’t even speak their language, right?

As we grow in knowledge and spend time in Jesus’ presence we more clearly begin to understand God’s Word and what the heart of His Word means; we begin to see the personality of Jesus within its pages and the overall message opens up to us as we begin to see what makes Jesus tick.  What do you think makes Jesus smile when He’s looking at you?

We CAN KNOW Jesus as a best-friend; this is true.

So I ask again, what was required for you to become best-friends with (name of your best-friend)?

What must we do if we truly want to know who our children are and are becoming?

How did you become friends with the group of friends you currently know and love?

If you have not developed this relationship with Jesus our Lord, then why not start today by telling Jesus one of your favorite jokes?  He’s tough, he can take it even if it is a little off color.  We grow and change and become more like Christ over time so don’t fret it.

I know Jesus has likely already heard that joke, but when did that ever stop someone from telling their friends a goodie but and oldie.

Then spend a little time just chatting with Jesus; not praying, just chatting, joking, crying, loving, hurting, healing, smiling and by all means laughing.

He is God and he can take anything you can throw at ‘Em, good or bad.

You have to know Him to truly trust Him;

You have to trust Him to truly let go and share your deepest heart; so let’s start working on our friendships with Jesus.

I’m going to go and play my guitar and sing Him a great song.

He likes you know?

Have a blessed day and Happy New Year!

Steven R. Harrel




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