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Israel Trodden Underfoot

A Prophetic Word for Today!

Near the end of the Latter Days, Israel will be subjugated by the Beast. Their oppression will last nearly forty-two months, according to Revelation 11:1–2. Bear in mind, forty-two months corresponds to three and a half years; the same three and a half years occupied by the Great Consummation.Jerusalem

The Beast will establish his reign before the forty-two months begins (which has not happened yet) and will continue to grow in power until Jesus returns during the Battle of Armageddon.

During the first thirty months of those three and a half years, the Beast will continue to harass, kill, and scatter God’s holy people until Jesus rescues His unblemished bride.

Such a process will bring Israel under Satan’s dominion and must begin many months or possibly years before the Great Consummation kicks off.

This process is based on events designed, among other things, to bring the Abomination of Desolation into the Most Holy Place, which is also known as the Holy of Holies (Daniel 12:9–13). The following outlines the process by which this situation is brought to bear on Israel and its people. The following outline begins many months before the Great Consummation is instituted or can begin.

  • Christianity will and has begun suffering considerable recriminations at the hands of nearly every major and minor government.
  • Problems for Christendom escalate rapidly, at least thirty days prior to the Mark of the Beast being instituted (Daniel 12:11).
  • Israel too will begin to suffer a rapid succession of blows to its dignity and sovereignty (Revelation 11 and 13).
  • At least three years before the rapture takes place, a relatively new world leader will soar to power and eventually oppose anything Christian- or Jewish-based.
  • This world leader will be the infamous Beast spoken of in the Bible; however, until the Abomination of Desolation is installed in the temple, he will not be known by that moniker nor will he reveal his true nature or agenda to the general public.
  • In concert with his rise to power, large organizations with a penchant for Christianity or Judaism will find they are suffering scathing disapproval ratings due to this political brute’s general popularity and worldwide influence based on God’s will for this gathering storm.
  • As chief organizer for Satan, the Beast will quietly but successfully pull strings to oppose any errant corporation that foolishly stands in opposition to his will.
  • As the Beast will eventually and powerfully demonstrate to the world, it will be unwise to oppose the Beast or his purposes.
  • While publicly feigning neutrality, internationally, he will subversively develop a coalition of ten nations or possibly ten intercontinentally connected organizations that will assist in his rise to power.
  • These ten nations or organizations will become the powerful foundation upon which he builds his malevolent oligarchy.
  • The Beast will maneuver among these constituents to achieve many of his intended goals, one of these being the destabilization and eventual destruction of Israel.
  • The Beast will privately make allegations claiming Israel is subversive and fundamentally prejudicial by nature; therefore, not tolerable.
  • The Beast will further assert Israel represents an arrogant and disruptive element in the world, which opposes peace and therefore needs to be dealt with by the strongest means.
  • Through his coalition and extensive network of influence, world media will begin to portray Israel as a “the” chief troublemaker.


As broad portions of the world more actively embrace these notions, the Beast begins to vigorously promote Middle-Eastern attitudes including hatred for Israel. If you hadn’t noticed, this has been the central assertion by the United Nations for some time.

  • Anti-Israeli/Jew based nations continue to portray Israel as a backward and regressively stagnant society immobilized by their own religious beliefs.

Eventually, the Beast will openly reject everything Israeli (Judeo or Christian); however, until the Abomination of Desolation is set up in the Holy of Holies the Beast’s ideologies must remain mostly behind the scenes.

As the Great Consummation draws near, other governments will begin adopting the Beast’s viewpoints and sound bites causing Israel to suffer damage to its commerce and creating instabilities.

Such prejudicial perspectives against Israel become increasingly reinforced with failing peace talks.

Accurate or not, Israel will and is portrayed and labeled as the aggressor (rather than the peacemakers they are) during these unyielding and unjust fights which promote world unrest.

For decades Israel has offered concessions for peace; yet, the Jews are and were consistently and irrationally blamed for every attack upon their character.

Even when Israel receives unjustified Palestinian/Hamas/Islamic attacks the Jews are excoriated when they justifiably retaliate with military strikes.

Yes today, compatriots for the Beast unswervingly declare Israel is an unreasonable and injurious faction which brings upon itself the outbreaks of Anti-Semitism and hatred.

These declarations are especially poignant when Peace-Talks are attended by Arabic or Islamic representatives and the Israelis bend-over backwards to comply.

Quick question before making the next observation: why didn’t the Palestinians riot when their people killed Israeli Law-enforcement; Peacekeepers? Where was the Palestinian outrage then?

Just look at the Temple Mount fiasco after Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu released the Temple Mount back into the Islamic worshipper’s hands.

The more Netanyahu conceded the more aggressive and belligerent the Palestinians became.

[Were the Israeli people praised when they

returned control to these petulant worshippers?]

Think again, NO!

Thanks to many of these anti-Israeli factions and their proponents, the world view of Israel has already begun to see the fulfillment of related prophecies.

Israel is nearly at that place where they will starts to plummet to a place requiring military intervention.

Military conflict appears to be nearly unavoidable!

When the situation between Israel and the Palestinians becomes unstable to the point of great bloodshed, then global communities will demand arbiters step in to help Israel recover its favorable standing within the international communities; though that will not be anyone true goal.

The Beast will then step up and offer his services as arbiter for the Jews by either become the arbitrator assigning a puppet arbitrator.24296521_1526776804066825_7430861770225603583_n[1]

At that time, because of Israel’s nearly universally recognized disfavor, the world will this clandestine betrayal of trust as a mighty and benevolent act of generosity given by a favored and beloved world leader, “the Beast”.

Because of his popularity and his masterful manipulation of the press, the Beast and or his arbiter will immediately be seen as Israel’s champion.

At first, Israel will rejoice, for they will be unaware this enemy in friendly guise is in fact their deadliest foe.

Israel will not at first realizing they have allowed the proverbial wolf into their hen house, Israeli politicians will initially support his positions and actions.

The Beast will not yet be known by his biblical moniker; rather, he will become Israel’s mighty hero for the people for the day.

There will only be a few voices of dissent in the beginning, none of which will be well received or heard.

By the time the Beast has become well ensconced as an Israeli voice, it will be too late to stop his machinations.

Shortly after his confirmation as Israel’s arbiter, the Beast will publicly ingratiates himself among the Israeli people. He will do this through a series of benevolence acts.

It will not be long before even the religious communities unwittingly begin to embrace Israel’s national and legendary enemy as friend.

Abruptly, without warning and with unrelenting force, the Beast will then place an image of himself within the very newly built temple he was empowered by the Israelites to help make happen! Once this happens, there will remain only forty-two months until Christ returns WITH the saints just before or during the Battle of Armageddon.

Over the previous several months, irrespective of Israel’s righteous positions, its arbiter/s will seem to slant every issue to Israel’s disadvantage. Of course, this results in numerous neutral nations siding with the opposition and allied nations being summarily ignored. Those actions, which at first seem reasonable, are made to appear irrational or hostile because of the diplomacy and skills of the Beast and or his emissary, Israel’s enemy.

Every action Israel takes will be made to convict rather them rather than exonerate.

More than ever, Israel will begin to recognize the hopelessness of their position, all of which seems the result of its arbitrator’s interventions; and it is. However, at that time, Israeli officials believe their arbiter to be an ally.

Eventually there will exist little doubt with whom the arbiter sides.

The Beast, or his arbiter was always jockeying for Israel’s unconditional surrender as a sovereign state rather than the liberation of its people from oppression.

At that point, when nearly forty-two months has elapsed Israel will have virtually lost control of its sovereignty to Satan’s and his representatives.

Shortly after these realizations have struck home, the Israeli government will rally its forces and stand firmly on their strength as a sovereign nuclear power.

Israel will be required to take back its authority or have its sovereignty permanently subjugated by foreign governments.

As Israel steps up and reclaims its sovereignty the fireworks really begin. Every world government will now stand in opposition to Israel and its God. The Battle of Armageddon and return of Christ are now imminent!

No one will care the Beast was attempting to undermine Israel’s sovereignty during the forty-two months he was arbitrating Israel’s case.

Still, in accordance with God’s purposes and plans: what the Arab nations could not achieve through brute force – the Beast will attempt to achieve by undermining Israel’s standing throughout the world and all of its governments.

Of course, this too is all part of God’s design.

  • Israel WILL reclaim its rightful place in the world as a sovereign state by sheer force of will but more importantly by the will of its God.
  • The Beast will stir up the nations of the world over Israel’s self-determination and obedience to God and then bring all nations to bear on tiny little Israel.
  • And yet, Israel’s defiance will continue even when every nation mounts military forces on its borders.
  • In essence, Israel will be under global siege.
  • The stage will now be set for the Battle of Armageddon.
  • Jesus and the Body of Christ will soon arrive in the skies over Jerusalem!

All this and more coming to a News station/papers/blogs near you!

Pray and have a great day!

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