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Can You Be Trusted 2?

Years ago while sitting through a message on new wineskins, the Lord spoke to my spirit and asked me this question:

“How do you know when you can truly trust a person?” I pondered that question for a few minutes before the Lord directed me to John 5:44 which says:

How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another and do not seek the glory that comes from the only God? (ESV)

Here is what the Lord was actually asking me:

How can you trust anyone who obtains their approval (self-image) from the praise they get from or through those around them (family, friends, peers, superiors)?

When people get their self-image or sense of right and wrong through the eyes of others then isn’t their self-esteem generated by a mostly false self-image based on human strengths and weaknesses?

Isn’t there a standard (especially for Christians)?

The Bible, Old & New Testament

Isn’t it mostly true that you can only fully trust those who genuinely get their approval from God and God alone? (Paraphrased of course and taken to mean God’s Word, the Bible)

If our self-image is altered by what we see as acceptable in the eyes of others… then isn’t our sense of right and wrong changed with the seasons of our friendships and or hero worship of our idols?

Should everyone around you be okay with adultery, lying, murder, stealing, homosexuality, low or base nature or character; and of course, the list goes on, then isn’t our self-image and perception of right and wrong undaunted by gross and habitual sin when accepted by our peers or heroes? We (Christians) need to, are supposed to, seek the highroad in our lives striving to be more like Christ Jesus!  Or is that less like Christ?

We are called as branches of the True-Vine, Jesus, Son of the Living God.

We are to produce the fruit of “The Vine” and not more fruit from human-frailty.

If you are a child of God these statements are true for you.  We are to study to show ourselves approved before God, workmen needing not to be ashamed as we rightly divide the Word of Truth, the Bible.

We Christians HAVE the Spirit of God dwelling within us – strengthening us and supporting us in times of trial, bolstering our courage and determination in righteousness when we walk in Him (Jesus) – whether we know it, feel it or believe it to be true!

God is for you and therefore nothing and no-one can truly stand between you and your ability to succeed as a Child of God – in Christ Jesus. You have already won!  Therefore we should live as those who have won; as overcomers of this world.

  • Because of Jesus, you are already holy as Christ is holy;
  • Because of Jesus, you are unblameable for every sin you’ve ever committed because Jesus paid the full sin debt for your life when you confessed Jesus as Lord and believed in your heart God raised Him from death;
  • You are unpunishable before the Almighty God – because Jesus took your punishment for you. (Colossians 1:19-23)

Why would we ever get our approval from others when we can get our approval from God and Him alone?




Know the truth, know God and know what is coming our way soon.

We are the End-Times generation.

Do you know what that means?