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The Beastly Bear

The Beast’s bear attribute will present a calculating, sly, smooth personality with a slippery nature and character.bear

The Anti-Christ, more accurately termed “the Breast” will appear quiet and unassuming at times appearing to be slow to show his anger or hatred openly.[1] However, the Beast will be extremely vengeful and unforgiving as he moves purposefully and stealthily against anyone who offends or opposes his short reign.

Consider bears in their natural habitats:

  1. Bears are territorial by nature.
  2. Dominating where and when they can,
  3. Insatiably hungry, never having enough of what they desire most,
  4. Male Bears will rend their kills,
  5. Killing even their own off-spring should they desire a mate who is raising young.
  6. And bears mark and defend their territories most aggressively.
  7. Bears are unassuming killers when provoked or just plain hungry.

Who does this sound like to you?

  • Now, put the Leopard and Bear attributes together and think about world figures you know.
  • Who could the Beast of Revelation be?
  • We know he must be alive and of age at this time because the #GreatConsummation is just around the corner, less than eleven years from today.
  • So, what public figure do you think might be the Beast foretold in the Scriptures of old?


We will look at the LION attribute in the next blog.

Until then:

Stand fast in your faith and in the power of His might.

Walk in faith and live uprightly.

Though all have sinned, we Christians have been set free from the Law of Sin and Death and we SIN NOT because of the shed blood of our Savior Jesus Christ! Isn’t that cool?


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[1] A Dictionary of Bible Types by Walter L. Wilson, MD, DD, LHD (2005), 34.

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