The Beast and False Prophet

The most well-received interpretations for the Great Tribulation determine the entire world must be brought to the brink of an apocalypse before the Beast rises up and offers his startling solutions to the world’s current predicaments. According to these teachings, the Beast will be so well received and well respected, humanity will find it nearly impossible to believe he is in fact the malevolent creature spoken of in the books of Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation. He will also be the individual known as the King of the North from the text of Daniel 11. This Satanic personality will not look, sound, or behave like a religious fanatic. Nevertheless, behind the scenes, he will utterly oppose God and His holy people. Though he will be a man of blasphemies, destruction, and much death, he will also hide his baser nature while entering in peaceably and with flatteries into an office of great power. The world leaders and their communities will marvel as the Beast images[6]accomplishes great wonders no one before had ever accomplished. He will change times, customs, and laws to suit his needs, unlike any other frontrunner. This world leader will spread the wealth of his success among his peers and furtive peoples of power, thereby gaining their loyalties, fidelity, and support. The world will perceive him a great man with tremendous leadership skills. Unfortunately, he will efficiently hide his great insecurities and fear. Even as he drowns in a glut of insecurities, the Beast is Satan incarnate and will effectively provide solutions to current world problems no leader before had even conceived or achieved. The majority of his constituents will truly love the Beast and marvel after all he says and does. Those who speak out against him will be excoriated. The Beast will come into his power before the Great Consummation begins, thereby establishing his support base and popularity long before he places the Abomination of Desolation in the temple in Jerusalem (Daniel 12:8–11, Matthew 24:15). The Beast will be a most fierce ruler, an architect of dark sentencings and through his power base, he will initially mislead his every supporter. He will eventually achieve such a mighty degree of political power he will be able to commit nearly every evil deed he desires with impunity. Through him, deceit will prosper and spread unfettered throughout the globe as he leads a behind-the-scenes world movement into astounding deviance. This world leader, the Beast, will assign a horrible spokesman to his side, which will become the False Prophet of Revelation (Revelation 13:11–18).

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