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Personality Traits of the Beast

Scripture indicates the Beast will manifest several animalistic personality traits (Revelation 13:2). One of these traits is that of a leopard, reflecting his willingness to kill. He will be swift on his feet, quick-witted, and able to turn an entertaining phrase.babylon_the_harlot The Beast’s leopard attribute will likely produce an impulsive nature; nevertheless, his intellect will make him difficult to undermine strategically and publically.[1]

Do you know anyone in the world of business or politics which fits this or similar description?

Add this personality trait to the next three posts and craft a picture of who you think might be the Beast foretold by ancient Scripture.

Your image awaits discovery!

[1] A Dictionary of Bible Types by Walter L. Wilson, MD, DD, LHD (2005), 256.

Read about the four animal traits predicted in God’s Word.  Check out page 134 of “This Side of the Whirlwind, the Coming Apocalypse.”

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