What to do about Guns?

What do we do about the misuse of Guns in America?

To begin with…

  1. Thoroughly punish those who misuse Guns and remove their right to bear-arms.
  2. Maintain existing reasonable laws designed to keep Guns out of the hands of criminals and loose-cannons.
  3. Arm our citizens well!
  4. Arm decent law-abiding citizens with excellent weapons and provide each American with quality training in our schools, youth-clubs and victim centers for the handling and proper use of firearms for self-defense.

Everyone knows!

  • We cannot keep guns out of the hands of the criminal and unlawful; for they are unlawful!
  • Laws, like locks, are only effective to a point. 
  • An honest law-abiding citizen will not circumvent reasonable laws or another person’s locks unless they are somehow compelled.
  • Furthermore, a well-armed and trained individual is an asset to every American and especially those who are in harm’s way.
  • With our nation FILLED with well-armed well-trained citizens we provide a deterrent to all enemies foreign and domestic.

Remember… Guns are not sentient nor are they given to acting on their own.s

  • People — training — and a gross LACK of familiarity with firearms is one of America’s chief problems when it comes to Guns.
  • We do not generally fear what we know and can handle well.

Lastly, true Freedom comes at a price.

Many men and women have died or were injured mentally or physically so we could have these Freedoms.

Who has the right to steal these freedoms bought at such a high price?

Know with certainty:

Every freedom we SURRENDOR will not be returned without more BLOODSHED.


Steven R. Harrel

“This Side of the Whirlwind, The Coming Apocalypse”





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