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Woeful Prophecies

Hearing from the Lord is one of the most wonderful experiences a person can ever know.

Occasionally there is an awe inspiring overwhelming glory which accompanies the Lord’s presence filled with wonder and joy.

On other occasions however there comes a deep sense of sorrow or foreboding which is all encompassing as you hear the Lord’s message.

When I love hearing the Lord’s voice the most, is when I’m either worshipping in music which the Lord has given me or receiving a new song with concepts and insights filling my heart and mind as the song’s meaning and purpose is brought to the forefront of my mind.

Then – once in a while — when the presence of the Lord is so powerful it feels like my head simply fills up with the Voice of the Lord. These experiences are overflowing and all-consuming causing my scalp to tingle all over and my head to feel as thought it might just explode with His presence.

I’ve actually cried out, “Lord, stop!  I can’t take it, stop, Lord!”

Note: only those who have never felt this overwhelming presence of the Lord can deign to say there is no God.

What absolute foolishness! Humans have barely embraced the Atom and yet we think we KNOW there cannot be a God because…   Haw, I laugh at you, ha, ha, ha…

Hearing the Lord is not always something that happens in words. On many occasions one receives a concept, a meaning or unction; on other occasions it could simply be a vision or awareness that you need to do something or encourage or discourage someone from a certain direction or path.

On this day in 1991 or 1992 (It’s been a while) the Lord revealed to me that a friend, we’ll call her Joy, was about to get involved with a man who was not going to treat her well; in other words, their relationship would not survive on a grand scale.

Over the next few days the Lord gave me two songs specifically to play for Joy when she was to hear this Word of the Lord. Grant it, it is not easy to hear a Word from the Lord even from those you know actually hear from the Lord.  Generally Words from the Lord are awesome in some form or fashion and almost never easy to hear of sometimes live with.  When it is God Who really speaks — lives are changed and or impacted.

On the day I sat down with Joy to reveal this Word of Knowledge Joy told me she had something she also wanted to share with me.

I asked her to go first which suited her just fine.

Joy then told me she had been seeing a guy we’ll call “Duffus”.

Joy said she was going to marry Duffus because he was so wonderful and understanding and kind and, and, and…

My heart hurt for Joy and boy did I wish I had gone first.

From my dialogue you might get the idea I had a thing for Joy, but this was far from the case; rather, “Joy” was/is a longtime family friend my wife and I care for and hated to see getting tangled up in someone who would hurt her on such a deep level as what the Lord had shown me.

Sadly I said to Joy, “Oh no Joy, I wish I had gone first, because now you might think I’m just telling you this because of what you’ve just told me.”

Joy said she would take me at my word because she knew how careful and meticulous I was when it came to any Word from the Lord.

So, I played her the songs the Lord had given me and then began to share what the Lord had shown me. I can’t say I remember the encounter word for word at this moment.  I had received a concept from the Lord and not a Word by Word revelation.  I will however share the main message and concept the Lord had placed on my spirit and mind only a few days before.

I told Joy that the Lord had shown me she was about to get into a serious relationship with the wrong man. I told her how the Lord had shown me things would fall apart all too soon.  I shared with her how the Lord had told me she would be utterly convinced that everything was going to be great with Duffus and she believed everything would turn out wonderfully.

Then I shared with her how the Lord said this would not be the case. Sadly, things are going to go terribly wrong after just a short period of time and not turn out happy in any way.

In other words, their relationship is going to quickly fail miserably and she would be greatly wounded.

Below I have included an entry taken from my spiritual autobiography, just a short note.

I began the autobiography in 1999 after an epiphany showed me the numerous Words from the Lord I had taken for granted over the years.

Boy was I dumb. Here’s a blog about how I received that epiphany: https://thissideofthewhirlwind.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/this-side-of-the-whirlwind-true-life-4/

As I had been receiving Words from the Lord since the age of 9 with nearly every Word of Knowledge coming to pass, I had for some reason begun in my youth to treat these Words of Knowledge like party favors. Hearing from the Lord was just something I had almost always done.  It was just a part of my life I had come to treat as common.

I know, foolish, stupid and shortsighted. I was young.  The things we become used to over time.  I was wrong and I’ve learned my lesson, thank You Lord, really!

At any rate… after this epiphany I began to record the numerous past and present supernatural encounters I’d had and have received since. The biography includes Words of Knowledge, visions, healing, miracles and other encounters I’ve experienced during the course of my life.  These were and are not things I have made happen.  For whatever reason, this is the path the Lord has chosen for my life to teach me to hear His voice and now respect “it” as I should.  Thankfully I am now and have been for many years onboard with God’s plan for my life. Thank you Lord!

Many, though not all encounters with the Lord have been confirmed by the mouth of two or three witnesses or simply came to pass in short order.

The “True-Life” series presents many entries from my Spiritual Autobiography. https://thissideofthewhirlwind.wordpress.com/2016/05/04/this-side-of-the-whirlwind-true-life/

From the Autobiography:

Unfortunately, today, December 12th 2009, Pam and I ran into “Joy” (not her real name) and she informed us that her relationship with “Duffus” (not his real name) ended miserably and hurt the entire family.  She said she wished she would have been able to listen.

I feel terrible for Joy but I’m glad the Word from the Lord was right again and came to pass as the Lord had said.

God is always right. Praise the Lord, but sad for Joy.

In the aftermath, it looks like Joy has found a good guy now; God is good and merciful. When we met “New Guy,” I could see the Holy Spirit on him right away.  Praise the Lord!

The Lord be with Joy and her New Guy, in Jesus Holy name, amen!

I’ve had to deliver many difficult Words of Knowledge in my walk with the Lord.

Some people listen and prosper with less pain and suffering; some people do not listen and learn difficult lessons and then the Lord allows them to proper anyways because “All things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28 paraphrased).

It is a powerful fearful responsibility to hear the Lord’s voice, but I would not have it any other way.

I cry out, “Lord, I need to hear Your voice, but I need to hear it more clearly, Lord!”

Every time you hear the Lord’s voice it requires faith.  Hearing the Lord, leastwise at that moment, His Word is so sure and clear for about 5 seconds, and then, afterwards, you have to share that message with the person to whom it was intended and suddenly you have to step out in faith.  You know it was from the Lord but somehow you are now required to speak in great faith.  It is a strange thing.

Anyone who has heard God’s voice regularly in their life will know what I’m talking about.

Faith! We are always required to live by faith in faith with Him.

Faith, the substance of thing hoped for the evidence of things not seen.  Wow!

My book, “This Side of the Whirlwind” was written by hearing God’s voice, seeing God’s visions and receiving revelation about what is coming during these last days.  I did NOT know the message within my book until after it was given to me.  I even had to learn the entire message once the book was finished because the message is vast in its scope.

We need to know…

We are the generation for the Latter Days and the book is critical for any Christians in these last days.  Get your copy soon and learn what is about to impact the world; Christians first, then the Resurrection, then the secular world receives the full Wrath of God.  Horrible, terrible, horrible!

The Storm is coming… Are you prepared?

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The Lord bless you!