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The Light of Jesus:

One evening in Sierra Vista, Arizona, 1985, Pastors Larry and Hermina Deason invited Bob and Amy Bates and Pam and I over to their trailer home for dinner. It was a nice evening with a surprise attached.

Following Hermina’s great dinner we all retired to their front room for a little conversation and music.  Pam and I were often asked to bring our guitars and tambourines whenever we socialized.

Near the close of the evening, just before making ready to head home, someone suggested a little prayer for closing a wonderful evening.  Wonderfully, such was not God’s plan.

Shortly after we started praying, I began to notice a warm, friendly, almost yellowish/golden light starting to form before my closed eyes. The light gradually became brighter and increased in its brightness and warmth until I thought someone was playing around, being silly and holding a lamp right up to and in front of my face.

I jokingly spoke up while asking, “Okay, who’s fooling around with the light?”;  however, when I opened my eyes I realized everyone was still sitting in their previous positions.  No one had risen from their place nor was anyone holding a lamp, playing tricks or joking in any way.

As soon as I realized no one was fooling around I immediately closed my eyes and called out to the Lord.

Pastor Larry quickly asked me what I was experiencing.

I then told him I was seeing a bright yellowish/golden light filling my eyes when closed.  I said I thought it must be in my mind’s eye for there were no external lights present or close to my face and all the room lights were dim and at a distance.

I didn’t say much more if anything at that time because I didn’t truly know what to say.

Once I closed my eyes again the light was back in its full brilliance.  After only a couple of moments, I began to perceive a great depth to the light, spatially speaking.  The area within my view seemed to be infinitely high, and infinitely low, and infinitely distant from left to right as well as forwardly speaking.  In those first few moments I did not perceive much more than space and distance.

Suddenly, I began to hear a voice which I automatically assumed belonged to Jesus’.  His voice was not actually saying any words I could understand.  What I mean to say is this: I didn’t hear words I knew or understood; rather, I felt meaning as His words began pouring in and around my mind.  Over and again I felt the earnestness within His expression as He said without words, “I love you Steve.  I love you Steve.  I love you Steve.”

As I’d said before, I initially assumed it was the voice of the Lord; yet, I’d not heard this specific voice at any time earlier in my life; leastwise, I didn’t think so.  Nevertheless, by this point in the experience I became confident and intimately aware that I knew this voice.  This was/is the voice of my Savior, Jesus Christ and He was pouring His love in and all over me.  I don’t know how I knew, but I certainly knew!

There was no great message for others or dynamic message for anyone in the group that evening.  There was just one inescapable message for me.

My Savior loves me!  He loves me, Steven R. Harrel.





Unless you’ve read, “True-Life 5: Zero Doubt” (link below) you will not understand the significance of this encounter.  In fact, I didn’t catch on to what and why the Lord was repeatedly saying, “I love you, Steve” to me until sometime later as I was sharing with someone how I had “fleeced” the Lord while on Field-Maneuvers in Fontaniva, Italy five years earlier.  God answered my fleecing and has subsequently required a great faith in Him and His ways.


AS with most real encounters with our Creator…

The moment is indelibly etched in and on my mind. God loves me so much He met me where I needed Him.

Wow! If God would do this for me what has He done for you?

Call on the Lord to meet you where you are.  Ask Him to solidify your assurance of your walk and relationship with Him.

He loves you and wants you to convince yourself in your most holy faith that He is truly in a relationship with you and a reward to all who walk upright in Him.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. (James 1:17 NKJV)

What does God have for you TODAY?