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Kathy and the Holy Spirit

Many years ago I was a Roofing-Estimator and occasionally made minor roof repairs.

One early morning estimate came with an eye-opener and great temptation.

It was a fine spring morning  in Tucson, Arizona, North-West side as I was out to take measurement’s for a new roof on this Pueblo styled Condominium.  I had just met with the homeowner, a very pretty young women who had answered the door in a bit of an unprepared fashion for quests or repairmen.  She was very attractive and very scantily clad.  I was a 30 year old Christian male, not dead or too blind to be impacted by a beautiful near-naked-women.

Though She invited me in at that time to talk about her roof, I felt the situation was inappropriate and too tempting knowing I wasn’t prepared to place myself in such a compromising position; it was for this reason, I suggested I first take measurements of her roof, look things over and then come in once I had the main details and a quote for her.

To my surprise, as I perused and measured her roof I came upon her too transparent bathroom skylight where she now stood showering.  As I immediately started to turn my head I noticed she knew I was standing above her position… for she turned salaciously to look at me through the skylight and then she smiled.

I was truly tempted.  To say anything else would simply be a lie.

When I finished my estimate I went down to “meet” this beautiful homeowner.

As she ushered me into her home she was once again scantily clad and excessively welcoming, touchy-feely.  I was sore pressed as my heart raced and sexual thoughts stimulated my feelings and mind.  Kathy, taking my arm and pressing up against me, lead me to her couch where she sat a bit closer than would be appropriate for most customers; for she was no longer just a customer as thoughts filled my mind.

She asked if I would like anything to drink as she stroked my arm with her hand.

I told her I was fine AND THEN…

I don’t remember what the first words out of my mouth were, but they were Biblical.

NEXT, I couldn’t seem to stop myself.  I began sharing how much the Lord loved her and how I didn’t want to be like other men she had met who called themselves Christians but then took advantage of her or the situation.  I told Kathy I needed to care more for her salvation and the wellbeing of her soul than for any quick physical encounter no matter how appealing that encounter might be.

Over the next half-an-hour I shared the gospel message as Kathy listened and then began to darn additional clothing.  Within the hour Kathy had given her heart to Jesus and was praising the Lord!

THEN, over the next thirty minutes I share the infilling of the Holy Spirit with her and she became extremely excited in the Lord and asked to be filled with the Spirit.  Kathy then took my hands and we prayed that the Holy Spirit would fill her with a double portion from the top of her head to the soles of her feet.

At that moment I felt the overwhelming presence of the Lord, I felt His move as His Spirit flowed through me and into her.  I knew, I could tell, that she had received the Lord’s Holy Spirit.

I was perplexed.  Generally, when I pray for someone to receive the Holy Spirit and then feel the move of the Spirit with such alacrity there is most often some manifestation, you know, bells and whistles. The person speaking in tongues, a miracle taking place or just the person feeling an overwhelming sense of the Lord’s presence.  Not the case with Kathy that morning.

I told Kathy I was surprised there was no physical manifestation or move of the Holy Spirit at that time. I assured her I felt the move of the Holy Spirit when we prayed, and there was such a powerful move of God within me as she received the Lord’s Spirit.

Now, with Kathy more appropriately covered, Kathy gave me a hug as I was heading towards the door.  I was out of time and had to be at my next appointment fairly soon.  I told her I’d be by the following morning to finish her estimate and then darted past the Mailman as he brought her mail to the front door.

The Next Morning

I arrived at about 6:30 much like the day before.  Kathy was fully dressed as she exuberantly answered her door and then excitedly shoved a letter in my face.

You wont believe this, Steve!  You just wont believe this!

I took the letter from her as Kathy ushered me into her kitchen.  She was like a kid on Christmas morning waiting to show someone their new shiny present.  By the way, Kathy was 23 at the time we were reading this letter.

I opened the pages and read the first lines written at the very top of the page, it said:

Katherine, this is your Aunt Sally.  The last time you saw me was 23 years ago.  If you have not heard of the Holy Spirit Infilling before now, then find someone “today” to share this wonderful message of God with you.

Kathy was ecstatic!  She knew she had received the Holy Spirit.  There were no bells or whistles but there was a letter.  A letter she could hold in her own hands and know God filled her with the Holy Spirit and then provided a confirmation by the most unique of means. Kathy had not so much as heard from her Aunt since she was a small child of approximately three and yet, here on her New-Birthday the Day she received the Infilling of Holy Spirit she gets a letter beginning with the question:

If you have not heard of the Holy Spirit Infilling before now, then find someone “today” to share this wonderful message of God with you.

Thank You Lord!

I’ll be providing a blog right away which will help you towards finding an amazing relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

For now, do you realize you sin?

That we are not perfect and holy?

Did you know God is perfect and holy?

And, did you know God made this world in the way He has specifically so we could become the Sons and Daughters of the Living God.

If you would like to really know Jesus then tell Him.  He already knows, but you need to voice that desire.

The next blog, “Meeting Jesus” will touch on the nuts and bolt of meeting your Savior.

God bless you!