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The Mark & Reject the Tech series.

Do you know all there is to know about the Mark of the Beast?
Me either.  Hopefully there are things you can learn from my blogs.
Enjoy, and write/send any questions you might have.
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These two series cross over in several places.
Glad you enjoyed it.

Here’s just one article.
Just glanced at the vid.  Let me know is you don’t like it.
We at #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind are not Preterists, A-Millennialists, Pre, Mid of Post Tribulationists.  The Great Consummation message is starkly different that any of these false doctrines.  This Side of the Whirlwind teaches a very solid doctrine with does not disagree with even one scripture related to the End Times.  Know the Truth.
The entire world challenged to prove this book wrong.  No one has succeeded in over 16 months.  Read it and learn the truth.
Know the truth!