What does it take to infiltrate a society’s psyche with something that will destroy the citizen’s soul?



Time to develop some or all of the following:

  1. Make society familiar with the thing
  2. General appeal, time to evoke desire, temptation or want for the item.
  3. You need to develop crowd approval, peer pressure, acceptance among peers.
  4. Social zeal for the item publically.
  5. Advertise the utility or benefit with the product.
  6. Show an added convenience from using the product.
  7. Create real or pseudo disapproval in peers for those without the new product.
  8. Create dependence, need for the item.




“As Need Grew”

  • In the 70s people thought it foolish when someone purchased Bottled-Water. Business functions, Church gathering, picnics all sported large orange water-jugs or pitchers of water.  How would that go over today?
  • In the 80s Media expressed a sense of fear towards or about drinking tap water.
  • In Europe several nations acknowledged problems with water purification systems.
  • In the 80s and 90s it became “Vogue” to drink the expensive “Perrier,” water bottled in France.
  • At the turn of the century Relief-Groups began shipping Bottled-Water to troubled areas around the globe, any site suffering from some form of calamity or tragedy.
  • Today, nearly every business meeting, function, Church gathering; you name it, has Bottled-Water on the tables.  At business meetings, who drinks from pitchers anymore?
  • People carry Bottled-Water in their vehicles and store Bottled-Water at their homes just in case of emergencies.
  • Do you drink Bottled-Water.  Hum…

Who does not use, have, store Bottled-Water today?

“Infiltration by the Mark of the Beast”

By the 1970s Debit cards existed but were not common.

1971 Kenbak released a not so user-friendly Personal Computer.

In 1973 most people did not have a Personal Computer, not really, not as we know them today.

In 1973 the first Cell-Phone made its first phone-call. The phone looked like a big white brick.

In 1975 the first user-friendly Personal Computers began hitting the market.  The Apple2 hit began distribution in 1977.

By the 1980s PCs were becoming more common in the workplace and Cell Phones were “in a limited fashion” in use everywhere.

As the market grew and the Intranet expanded so did PC purchases and use.

Cell-Phones grew smaller and smaller as Satellite-Phones costing a small fortune drifted more into the fringe markets.

At the turn of the century only the Old-Timers didn’t have Cell-Phones and everyone needed to know how to use a Computer if they wanted to stay in business or have a job.

The Debit/Credit system flourished as consumers demanded an ever increasing level of access and availability for their Financial cards.

During the first ten years of the New Century a Financial network was being implemented throughout the world. With few exceptions every nation was getting onboard with a global payment system.

Today, nearly everyone has two or more PCs, one out of date and one going out of date.

On October 1st 2015, the EMV Payment System (Euro-Card, MasterCard & Visa-Card payment system) brought “nearly” the entire world onto a single global financial system.  One all connected financial network.

The United States was one of the last holdouts as they activated the EMV Payment System on October 1st 2015.

Today we have a One-World Financial Network in place.

2005 VeriChip develops a Bio-implantable chip via RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification).

Soon the VeriChip was tested on Dementia patients and children susceptible to abductions.

2010 fringe groups and individuals begin implanting the rice-sized bio-implants as a novelty.

2012 Bio-implants start to become more widely accepted as a possible utility for medical records and access to work equipment, doors, Personal Computers etc.

2015 a Swedish corporation begins implanting employees with Bio-implants designed to open doors, grant access to office equipment as well as log employees in and out of work.

2016 Bio-implants become sophisticated enough to manage payments and payroll.

2016-2017 Tap and Go terminals, NFC payment systems within stores and Banks make it possible for Implant recipients to make purchases and withdrawals nearly anywhere in the world.

Today, the world markets are gearing up for a Cashless-Society shift in a big way towards Chip and Pin technology; Tap and Go terminals; EMV payment scanners, etc.

So where are we today?

Nations attempting to go “Cashless”

South Korea

Hong Kong

United Kingdom, England




United States

How many nations do I need to list before Christians see what is coming?

We, the Body of Christ will go through the Tribulation Period, not the Wrath of God, in order to fulfill prophecy. (Revelation 19:7; Daniel 11:32-35)

How long before your nation requires a Bio-Implant for security purposes, identification, travel documentation?  Do you know?


Attempts to Snake Bio-Implants into their Citizens:

Need better Identification system

Pennsylvania Lottery?

Tap and Go Technology

Going Cashless


BTW, don’t think people will only have “One” Bio-Implant. People will have several.

One for the car, business, PC, home, 2nd home; one for national travel and one for international travels.  There is no limit to the number of implants a person may get.

The only one we should be concerned about is ANY implant that carries our Identification and can be used for finances.

He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  (Revelation 13:16-17 NKJV)

Beware, the Mark of the Beast is here!

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