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When will you surrender

The technologies necessary for globally tagging every man, woman, and child is available today. With current technology, it is possible to track and monitor every individual’s transactions and movements. Certain aspects of this technology are currently employed for large herds of livestock or small groups of farm animals. Owners with expensive show or race animals are also utilizing parallel technologies. Analogous technologies can be put into place today for the Mark. Individuals are being implanted with microchips, e-tattoos, or bio-implants with NFC capabilities and simply traced via satellite and GPS over vast areas. Through current and soon improved tracking and monitoring capabilities, the potential to affect and manipulate individuals within any population will be significant.

When are you getting Chipped?

What if you cannot prove the microchips or bio-implants are IN fact the Mark of the Beast to your family and friends.  What if your spouse,. parents or children want to take the tech?

Where do you draw the line?

The Mark of the Beast will be a type of technology which can and will go on or in your skin.  The tech must provide basic identification and financial services.  Let’s not forget upgrading too.  Just because a piece of tech cannot function in one capacity or another does not mean it cannot be upgraded to serve the function.

Who can afford to take the chance?

Don’t be deceived… The Mark of the Beast is here and being purchased and applied even as you are reading this blog.

You should also be aware that people will have more than one style or type of chip implanted in their bodies: one for the car, the business, finance, travel…

The technologies are sneaking up on us.  Corporations in Europe and the United States have adopted Mark of the Beast like technologies already.


Other technologies are being employed to lull the world’s populations into accepting “The Mark” unchallenged.


So what are you going to do when this “soon” becomes the standard in the workplace?

Will you allow your work/corporation to implant a microchip or Bio-implant into your body?

What will you do when getting “Chipped” is the only way to get a job or receive a paycheck?

When will you believe the Bible was telling the truth 2,000 years ago and God is real?

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