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People remember how you made them feel long after what you have said has been forgotten.

I Worship You Lord!

Wow, God! You made this for me?

Who am I today?

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.








I can puzzle this out, I know I can?

Keep me on Your path Lord.

Hey! I’m a Grandpa 🙂


Ain’t I perdy?


A Cry for Blood

The Rogue cried out, Stay not the flood, let end this day, let flow my blood.

Oh Father, dear father, hear me at-last I pray, let me depart this field of battle amongst the honorable and the brave.

T’was Commander, Mc Bane, who seized the moment, he slaked his thirst to assuage his heart most vain.

Not the first to reach such summits, when a knoll is all his worth could pay.

Alas, t’was time, supposed he for General Mc Bane to arise.

Emperor or king, no less did he perceive t’was his place  in the fray

Advancing into battle, paradigm of rage

Marched his troupes, pushed forward its romance

Spent illusions no longer peddled, keenly painted the mighty fray,

Over bleats of fading glory.

An acting commander for this day, phantom glory, wisdom failed.

Pouring forth, slopping, sloshing, deluged puddles of bloodletting and stains, the reaper reaps again.

Putrid battles own the day,

High mountain passes filled with warriors swinging axes, horse’s bray

Crimson tears, spilling forth, disgorged brothers on Mount Monterey.

Even rocks cry out their shame; bloodied crescendos, spilling pain, day of great days, and day of days.

Smoldering pillars and phantoms play, tremors shudder spilled hearts un-filling,

Dare I hope to win this day?

End of Poem

You know, some days are different than others; leastwise, at its core.

However, everyday is a day the Lord has made.

Regardless the day…. I belong to the Lord of lords.

Because, I confessed Jesus as Lord and Master,

I believed in my heart of hearts that God raised Him from the dead for me.

He, Jesus, saved my soul!

For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified,
and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.
Come and know the certain and constant walk with our Creator.
Jesus never fails us regardless of how we are doing or feeling each day. 🙂