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Hi guys, wondering what’s going on with the Temple Mount (TM) in Jerusalem?

Me too!  Let see what Netanyahu has to say about his decision to remove the Metal Detectors and basically hand the TM back to the Muslims.

Remember, walking a mile in the shoes of someone else is quite different than arm-chairing from home.  Let’s Pray before we pass judgment and remember God is in the mix and has a timetable and plan for Israel and the TM.

Excerpt/Quote from Jerusalem Post 7/30/2017 12:30:


“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended his much-maligned handling of the Temple Mount crisis, telling his cabinet on Sunday that he sees a bigger picture that not everyone is privy to, and as the person with ultimate responsibility for the country’s security, he must take a much wider view of events.

‘I am in tune with the emotions of the public, I understand the feelings, I know that the decision that we made [to remove the security measures on the Temple Mount] was not an easy one,’ Netanyahu said at the start of the weekly meeting. ‘However, as prime minister of Israel, as the one who carries the security of Israel on his shoulders, it is my duty to make decisions calmly and with good judgment.’”

What does that truly say? ((?))

It seems the Palestinians believe they have won a marked victory.

What do you think!

Excerpt from “The Israeli Times” 7/30/2017 11:40


“We feel joyous. I live quite far away but I walked here for Al-Aqsa,” said Nisreen, a young woman in the crowd.

I almost wrote, “I’m glad someone is happy/joyous” because I could see the possibilities if Israel held onto the Temple Mount.

I’m fairly sure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows how most Christians and Jews feel about his decision last week.

Well, one again, God knows what He is doing even if we don’t.

Furthermore, does anyone, I mean ANYONE believe Mahmoud Abbas is really interested in Peace?  Can I get a big, “Duh!”?

Excerpt from;


Abbas is still playing his old game: terrified of the raging Palestinian street, he released a terse statement on July 23 claiming that the decision to suspend contacts with Israel does indeed include security coordination. This latest statement, however, flies in the face of assertions by Israel and some Palestinian officials that suggest the exact opposite. Israeli security officials have scoffed at Abbas’s decision, calling it symbolic and saying that security coordination is continuing by telephone.

Well, some people will believe anything, I guess.

Times up, and I must get to worshipping the Lord, so you guys have a blessed day.


Good morning, Jesus is coming to take us all away someday!


Good night, sleep tight, love the Lord with all your might!