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Chronology of Revelation 6

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The Great Consummation timeline consists of a 3½ year countdown. When a chapter indicates it is returning to the beginning of the Great Consummation timeline it represents that day when the Great Consummation started.  Generally speaking this is approximately 30 days after the Beast also known as the Anti-Christ is revealed for who he really is by placing the Abomination of Desolation or his image in the Temple in Jerusalem.


A lot must happen between now and then but prophetic things can happen quickly so hold on and watch those skid-marks. 🙂

Keep in mind this section was written several years ago and only came to print in April of 2016.

Excerpt taken from “This Side of the Whirlwind, The Coming Apocalypse” chapter 19, pages 353-355.


Revelation Chapter 11


With the measuring of the temple in Jerusalem, the time line for John’s vision returns to the beginning of the Great Consummation. The gentiles are to trample the holy city underfoot for forty-two months or, conspicuously, three and a half years.Shortly before the Great Consummation begins, Israel will develop significant political problems, which will require one or more non-Israeli (gentile) governments to intervene toward conflict resolution. Because of the constant tensions between Arab nations and Israel, one of the top ten governments mentioned in Revelation 17:12 will volunteer to arbitrate between Israel and her Arab neighbors. The mediation will develop into a major snag for Israel with public opinion swinging grossly against the sovereign state of Israel. Once again, Israel will be unjustly accosted by her prejudiced and biased neighbors. As one threat against Israel leads to another, Israel is forced to vigorously pull out of all negotiations, rejecting the numerous and observably anti-Israeli proposals. Because of divine intervention, global outcry will unjustly turn against Israel in support of Arab mock policies, which will leave Israel without a viable method of retreat from peace talks without some form of military conflict. The Battle of Armageddon is now looming! Because of the overwhelming public sentiment turned against Israel, the United Nations steps in. Strict sanctions against Israel are leveled in an attempt to force the Jewish people into a submissive posture. Arbiters are forced upon Israel, but arbitration only brings resolutions that force a temporary secession of Israel’s genuine sovereignty. Powerful nations forge restrictions and penalties that will ultimately seize control over the majority of Israel’s imports and exports. Israel is literally and financially under siege and will remain so until such time as arbiters can supposedly assuage political tensions in the region and bring Israel to heel. The prophecy in Revelation 11:1–2 is being fulfilled. Tragically, however, the arbiters are in league with anti-Israeli factions. Arbitration results in Israel losing significant political authority over their entire government for a period of no less than three and a half years or until the Time of the Gentiles has been accomplished. In this way, the gentile nations will tread Israel and Jerusalem underfoot for the duration of the Great Consummation.


The Two Witnesses emerge at the beginning of the Great Consummation. The Witnesses’ ministries will span the entire three and a half years, or 1,260 days. These champions for Israel and the gospel will prophesy their ministry to the Israelite people during the entire three and a half years of the Great Consummation. The Witnesses are anointed to serve the Lord and bring the Israelites into the full understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Witnesses will show the Jewish people how Jesus is in fact their Messiah and soon reigning King. Theirs will be a hostile ministry fraught with violence and demonstrations, which will also display the supernatural authority and power granted only by the Living God.


The second woe is past. Behold, the third woe is coming quickly” (Revelation 11:14 NKJV).


One year after the Rapture and the beginning of the Day of the Lord, the seventh trumpet will sound. At that time, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb will end and Jesus will lead the Body of Christ from the heavens to Israel. This event is often labeled the Second Advent. Following a series of prophetic events, Jesus will take His rightful place as King of kings and Lord of lords. He will assume the throne of David, thereby launching the Davidic covenant. By the time the seventh trumpet has sounded, both the fifth and sixth edicts will be fulfilled. The fifth edict is the completion of all visions and prophecies related to the Time of the Gentiles. The sixth edict is the Anointing of the Most Holy as King of kings and Lord of lords.[1] The Great Consummation is the Great Completion of all things pertaining to the Latter Days and the covenant of Jesus Christ.


Jesus will bring the Battle of Armageddon to a dramatic conclusion on or near the sounding of the seventh trumpet. Upon His arrival, Jesus will appear in the skies over Jerusalem with the Body of Christ. The Lord will conquer the Dragon, the Beast, and the False Prophet, even as the Body of Christ sets about destroying the city of Jerusalem and the sanctuary of God.[2] The prophecies listed here will also come to completion on or near the sounding of the seventh trumpet.


  • The Whore of Babylon (false religion) will be thoroughly chastised by the sounding of the seventh trumpet.[3]
  • The Wrath of God will also draw to its conclusion.[4]
  • The seven plagues or bowls of wrath will reach their completion.[5]
  • The Millennial Reign will begin, following the Great Consummation.[6]
  • At the end of the Millennium, the Lord will give rewards to His servants the prophets and the saints of God. [7],[8]


As pointed out in the commentary of Revelation 11:1–19, the chapter contains a few distinct starting points. Verses 1 and 2 originate at the beginning of the Great Consummation and span the entire three and a half years. Verse 3 independently initiates the ministries of the Two Witnesses, which will also span the entire forty-two months of the Great Consummation. Both time lines bridge the full 1,260 days. By chapter’s end, the seventh angel will sound his mighty trumpet, announcing the return of Jesus Christ and His reign as King of kings and Lord of lords.


The time line of the Great Consummation plays out twice throughout verses 1 through 14. The chapter’s conclusion, verses 15 through 19, covers many of the great convergences in prophecies and visions, which touch well beyond the purview of the Great Consummation. At the end of chapter 11, Jesus confronts the nemeses behind the Battle of Armageddon and brings the Time of the Gentiles to an end. The three and a half years for the Great Consummation is over and the Millennial Reign is about to begin. Verses 15 through 19 are actually taking place in the heavenly realm and continue to do so until verse 18 brings the Millennium to its end, which takes place just prior to the Bema Seat of Judgment.

End of Excerpt

I hope you are enjoying these excerpts from “This Side of the Whirlwind, The Coming Apocalypse.”

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