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Excerpt taken from, “This Side of the Whirlwind, The Coming Apocalypse” chapter 19, beginning on page 342. This blog will be the first in a series.

Chronology of Revelations

Chapter 19 is not specifically intended for reading; rather, the “Chronology of Revelations” is set forth as a study tool to aid in understanding the relationships between specific chapters and verses within the time line of the Latter Days with specific attention paid to the three and a half years of the Great Consummation. This chapter is intended to be read in conjunction with an open Bible. Unlike a chronological Bible, which attempts to place the date in which a biblical book or passage was written, the focus behind the “Chronology of Revelations” is to prophetically identify when and where in the Latter Days’ time line a prophetic event will take place.

The final days for the Time of the Gentiles are prophetically encapsulated within the pages of Revelation. Though the book does not chronologically outline the Great Consummation by way of a straight line from chapter 1 through 22, Revelation does clarify the entire three and a half years of the Great Consummation as well as the seven-year covenant of Jesus Christ. Several chapters in Revelation are devoted exclusively to unique aspects of the Great Consummation, with several such chapters explaining the influences between its constituent parts and thus bringing the information and clarity to bear on the 1,260-day time line for the end of the Latter Days. The Beast’s war against the saints presents a good example, as it too spans the same 1,260 days as the ministries of the Two Witnesses. The Mark of the Beast will also be instituted near the beginning of the Great Consummation, extending the same 1,260 days from its inception. Each of these elements is fundamental to the Great Consummation and key to the conclusion for the Time of the Gentiles.

Bear in mind, the chapter’s commentary will be directed at specific chapters, sections, lines, or verses and designed to explain when or how the chronology applies to each given and specific section of text. For example, Revelation 1:1–6 is not specifically pertinent to the time line for the Great Consummation; rather, events within these first six verses merely apply to the period of John’s life as he received God’s divine revelation. Additionally, the text for Revelation 4 takes place in the heavenly realm where John receives much of his divine insight. The events found in Revelation 10 also take place in the heavenly realm, paralleling a similar angelic encounter as that found in Daniel 12. As Revelation’s time line is explained every attempt will be made to clarify what specific events or constituents are taking place and when in each given section of text and how they apply to the period of the Great Consummation.

Revelation Chapter 1


The time line for verses 1 through 6 takes place during the life of John the disciple while he is yet detained on the isle of Patmos, off the western coast of Asia Minor. The divine revelations within the book of Revelation are given by the Lord Jesus Christ to John the apostle, prophesying of future events predominately taking place during the Great Consummation of the Latter Days. Verses 1 through 6 do not contain pertinent information relative to the time line of the Great Consummation but reflect the period of John’s life when he received divine insight for the book of Revelation.


Verse 7 relates to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ on the day of Christ’s return, which begins the Day of the Lord. The text in verse 7 is informational and not rooted within a time line or the Great Consummation. The verse announces the book’s coming subject matter.


Verses 8 through 20 represent the vision and revelation on the day it was given by Jesus Christ to John the apostle. The verses reflect the imagery and voice of Jesus Christ as seen and heard by John on the day he received the Lord’s message for the seven churches of Jesus Christ. John was on the isle of Patmos when he received this vision and message for humanity.


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Chronology of Revelations


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