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What does praying mean to you?

Is prayer just a duty or discipline?

Is prayer just a litany of your needs, wants and or fears to be relieved?

Or is prayer for you more like a letter to an old friend, a mentor, a father or brother, sister, mother?

For some prayer can be similar to a love letter to a close friend feeling something like a friend’s loving embrace.

To others prayer can be a pain in the butt.  They feel obligated and don’t feel the Lord’s presence or love or comfort.  To these individuals prayer is just a job, no fun at all.

So, what is prayer supposed to be?

All of the above really, including the pain in the butt prayer; and yet, none of the above, that is what prayer is supposed to be.  Prayer is the communication in the relationship with your Creator.

Prayer can be similar to talking to your boss at work when you’re in trouble.  Hopefully that is rare.  Prayer can also be fulfilling, comforting and full of joy too.

Praying should fall in the arena of discipline occasionally when we become distracted in our walk with God, hopefully it’s only for a short season.

It happens.  But should be avoided whenever possible!

Rather, prayer should become, can become a near constant place of abiding. I know, what does that mean?

Abiding: I call it living in His, God’s presence; similar to recognizing someone close to you is at home when you are at home and doing their own thing somewhere else in the room or house.  You know they are there and act accordingly.  Throughout the day you may toss glances at one another, little quips or comments.  In essence, you behave differently when someone is home verses when you are hanging out by yourself and all alone.  It’s human nature.  Few if any dance around with no more than an Hawaiian headdress singing “Kumbaya My Lord” when someone else is running around their house.  Just too personal, I guess? Well, at least I don’t, honest! 🙂  Who even has an Hawaiian headdress these days?

Well guess what, Jesus, God is always hanging out with you at all times and all places so don’t ignore His presence, spend every day with Him. Share your day with your Lord, friend, Savior.  This is prayer at its most genuine and personal; walking perpetually in God’s presence and being friends.  How do you think you develop friends with anyone if not hanging out and chatting?

We can’t help but be in His presence anyways, so why not engage the Lord, sharing your jokes, puzzles, enjoyment in a book, feelings or concerns?

Tell Jesus how much you love your spouse or how angry you are with them over some issue.  Jesus has huge shoulders and can take your anger, shame, sorrows, JOY, wishes, etcetera.

I know there are more formal types and times for prayer and that is often where I have to discipline myself in prayer. I do great with the living in His presence prayer, that relationship communicating with my friend type of prayer.  I often struggle with the more formal prayer.

Prayer can be a litany of needs and or wants, fears and tears.

But, prayer is also just holding a conversation, a chat with your best friend and Creator.

However you pray, know it is okay because God knows your heart.

We can improve on almost anything and prayer is no exception.

God is God, no doubt; and yet, God is or can be your closest friend too.

Here’s an example…

I may be writing this blog to you, but I am also praying to our God at the same time using the same methods I’ve mentioned. God knows the desire of my heart and knows I am praying for those who truly want to know their Creator in all His glory and the wonder of that divine relationship we can all develop in/with Him.  What a precious gift being able to become friends with our Creator.  I mean, Wow!

There are no real hard and fast rules for prayer; leastwise, relational or relationship type prayer.

Just talk to the Lord sharing your joys, your pains, fears, desires, expectations, failures; after all, what can you not share with the Living God?

Just shoot the breeze with that omnipotent, omniscient being we call, God, Yahweh, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Messiah, Jesus, the Lamb of God slain from the foundations of the world and possibly my two favorite names, Dad and or “hey there Big Guy”!

You can start by praying…

10-4 Good Buddy, got Your universe sized ears on Lord and Savior?  It’s just me again, the pest, Steve, You know, one of Your Children that You saved from eternal damnation, You know, that perpetual hot seat in outer darkness I no longer need to be concerned with. Just saying, “Hey God” thanks!

Over and out Big Buddy, hope to chat with Ya later. Amen!

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God bless you all! 🙂