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It Could Happen, Right?

Okay, who do you know that would believe the following concept?
One day thirty years ago a Bi-Plane crashed into a car and a home in the middle of a jungle in Africa resulting in all three elements exploding into millions upon millions of parts and pieces, gizmos and gadgets.

During this accident’s explosive and excited state, you know, the parts, pieces, gizmos and gadgets flying together up and into the sky – smashing and colliding and crashing into one another until they are spread over a quarter mile or so; all the parts, pieces, gizmos and gadgets which were part of the plane, car and home amazingly fell to earth “together” organizing, blending and amazingly conjoining until, “Bingo – Bango – Roboto” fell to earth coalescing into an amazing piece of robotic technology which included all the requisite robotic engineering and  programming you witness in the video below.

Play it again SAM!

It could happen, right?

You know, all the pieces were in motion and in the same vicinity being propelled through the sky as they mixed and mingled by the forces of nature with the explosive energies of the cosmos (or at least the accident) gravity, magnetism, common space and the limitless possibilities within the known universe, you know, whatever it takes to make a robot spontaneously amalgamate wondrously into a fully functional artificial-intelligence capable of moving and working and sustaining its existence.

It could happen, right!

Think about it…

Who would believe such drivel, unadulterated imaginative nonsense?

Would you?

Because, in order for that gobbledygook to be true; leastwise, when it comes to humans, animals, plants, insect, fishes in the sea, birds in the air, bacteria, viruses and the list goes and goes and goes and goes to the Nth degree “THAT” type of an accidental conjoining “WITHOUT” intelligent design would have to have taken place to accidentally generate humans, and that twice, once for each gender, AND would have to be repeated over a million different species, genomes and phylum covering every species the world over and over.

That would be absurd!

Okay, who is for intelligent design?  Raise you hands, come on, you know you want to!

I do, I do!

Smart kid, right?

I was inspired by a video I watched a couple of days ago. I’ll leave you with it at this time.  It’s a fun video unless you’re an atheist.

Oops, not so smart a kid, huh?

You decide!

Wait, was that a little condescending?

I didn’t notice either.  My naughty!